Two Teachers Earn Prestigious National Board Certification

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By Nieves J. Alvarez, Communications Intern

National Board Certification is one of the most advanced and prestigious education credentials in the country. Syracuse City Schools is proud to announce that two of their teachers have earned it this year. Amy Quade-King, a special education teacher at Huntington Pre-K-8 School and Teresa Sauro, structural and literacy coach at Porter Elementary School are now among a prestigious group of educators.

Sauro and Quade-King are now in the company of 12 other teachers in the district that are board certified. “As far as the district goes, having Nationally Board Certified teachers is quite prestigious,” said Stephanie Pelcher, director of the Syracuse Teacher Center. Michael Singer, a candidate support trainer and living environment teacher at Henninger HS expressed his admiration for teachers that complete the Board Certification process. “It’s been a very rewarding experience working with dedicated teachers to improve their work to the highest level,” Singer said.  “It’s very inspiring.”

Singer, who was one of the district’s first Board Certified teachers, knows first hand what the process is like. “It can be a year, to a multi-year process,” he said. The process consists of analyzing student work, academic papers, evidence-based research, and multiple computer exams. Thankfully, the support trainers are able to provide help to the teachers going through the process. The district has benefited from having Board Certified educators. “Board Certification shows we have reached the highest level of teacher learning in the district,” he said. “It represents all of the teachers.”  

“ I was fortunate enough to complete the process in a year,” Sauro said. “Going through the process was the best professional development I’ve had.” She has taught at Porter Elementary since 1999. Sauro’s position provides professional development and support to teachers in the classroom.  She had many reasons for pursuing the certification.

“I know as a literacy coach, teaching others, I need to be as strong as I can be,” she said. For the video taped lessons, Sauro used a fourth-grade classroom. “They knew I wanted to become a better teacher,” she said. “The video taping was powerful.”

Quade- King has taught at Huntington for 7 years as a Special Education teacher. Currently she is the sixth-grade consultant special education teacher. The knowledge and development gained from being a National Board Certification recipient is equally as rewarding for special education.

“Extremely instrumental,” Quade-King said about the process. “I think that the impact of the entire journey has had a great impact on the students learning, I am a better teacher.”  

Quade-King is now a Nationally Board Certified, Exceptional Needs Specialist, Mild to Moderate Disabilities 5-21. The research and analysis conducted and learned throughout the Certification process will always be a point of reference for her, especially in times of difficulty. “You go back to your video, data collection, work samples and re-analyze, reconstruct and start the cycle again,” she said.

The following SCSD educators also have National Board Certification: Melanie Addai, Kelly Colone, Kelley Duffy, Sara Gentry, Jesse Goodglass, Jacqueline Schneider-Revette (retired), Stacy Griffin, Marie Koch, Heather Marzullo, Kristin Mecum, Kevin Mixon, and Sharon Pernisi. The district is grateful and to have teachers in the district that have earned this prestigious recognition.