Summer Vex Robotics Competition Expands

     Published on 7/29/15   Tagged under:    District News   

Nottingham technology teacher Bryan English said the SCSD started a Vex summer camp four years ago due to a high demand for the program. This year, the two-week camp saw the highest number of participants yet—with close to 40 students from eight SCSD middle and high schools taking part!
From students who have participated in Vex robotics before to first timers, all were eager to expand their skills and build a winning robot. For first time participant Abisage Nahumure, a seventh grader from H.W. Smith, the camp was an opportunity to try something new and fun. “When I started, I didn’t know what any of these parts were called and I just learned so much!” she explained, while she showed off the robot she built with the help of two friends. “I definitely want to continue next year. I’d want to see if I can make something bigger and better!”
Frazer eighth grader Juriasi Fundi, on the other hand, participated in Vex robotics last year and was able to build his robot on his own. “I’m into technology, engineering and building,” he said. “But I still learned new stuff at camp—different ways to program the robot, new ways to use less supplies. It’s teaching me problem solving through working through my mistakes.”
These are the ultimate goals of the camp, Mr. English explained: to encourage teamwork and problem solving skills. “We really stress teamwork, hands on skills and learning to adapt,” he said. “The students are learning to do the best they can through problem solving. In a normal school year, it would take months for students to get to this point because they only get an hour a week. The summer program really helps them hone their skills.”
Students themselves even recognized the value of the lessons they learned. Corcoran sophomore Jayzon Crump said he joined his first Vex program because of an interest in robotics but has gained so much more. “I learned how to program and stuff,” he explained. “It’s all about trial and error. I’ve always wanted to be an engineer, and this is helping me learn to plan, time myself and stick to a deadline.”
Students from Huntington, Lincoln, H.W. Smith, Grant, Frazer, Henninger, Nottingham and Corcoran took part in this year’s summer camp.

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