SCSD Ropes Course Offers Unique Teambuilding Experience

     Published on 9/9/15   Tagged under:    District News   

Have you ever wanted to try out a zip line? How about a giant ladder or a balance beam elevated 30 feet in the air?
SCSD students, faculty and community groups longing for adventure need to look no further than our own schools! Thanks to indoor ropes courses at Frazer and Corcoran and an outdoor course behind ELMS at Meachem Field, the SCSD community has access to these activities and more. At Fowler, a course is currently being rebuilt and will soon feature a rock wall.
“The ropes courses have been growing as a way to help promote teamwork in a non-competitive environment,” Fred Wheeler, the Project Adventure Ropes Course Coordinator, explained, noting that students and staff alike gain teamwork, cooperation, confidence and trust from taking part.
“Building trust is huge for the kids, being able to trust people,” Mr. Wheeler added. “A lot of kids don’t know how to channel their energy or communicate. This forces them to take on leadership roles, fix problems and come up with new strategies.”
Free to anyone in the district, outside agencies like Onondaga Community College and the Syracuse Police Department have used the course recently. Last year, ELMS students visited after state testing wrapped up, and Corcoran and Clary summer school students stopped by to try out the zip line. Leading up to the start of the new school year, Bellevue staff even partook in the fun!
If you are interested in trying out the Project Adventure Ropes Course, contact Fred Wheeler or Chris Hodge to set up an appointment.