Students at ITC book club meet local author Erin Butler

     Published on 12/11/15   Tagged under:    District News    ITC   

“I loved your book. It stressed me out so much, but in a good way!”
“I know! I loved the characters.”
Students at ITC’s book club were very excited and animated as they discussed their reactions to “How We Lived” with author Erin Butler. Butler lives in Central New York and has written six Young Adult and New Adult books. “It is great to have a local author whose books the students have enjoyed reading so much,” said Mr. Sohoski, the librarian at ITC. “I am very excited students have this opportunity to engage with Erin.”
By asking questions and engaging with the author in an open discussion, students were able to connect with Butler. They also discussed other books and TV shows and asked questions about Butler’s writing strategies and secrets. They were especially amazed when Butler confessed to writing “How We Lived” in only six days. “This was really the book of my heart,” confessed Butler. “It is very personal and I felt like I was meant to write it. I am very excited I get to share it with you.”
“I read the book in a couple days, I just couldn’t put it down!” said Alicia Stowe, a senior at ITC. “Usually I read books to calm down, but How We Lived really had me on edge the whole time.” Like many others in the book club, Alicia writes her own stories and dreams of becoming a writer. Butler talked to these aspiring authors and gave them some invaluable advice. She encouraged people to write and expand their creativity, a skill necessary in any kind of field they decide to pursue.

“There are so many opportunities for writers right now,” said Butler. “There are ways to make a career out of it. Don’t give up on your dream just yet!"