Webster Students Celebrate Diversity at Multicultural Celebration

     Published on 4/8/16   Tagged under:    District News    Webster   

Students at Webster enjoyed a schoolwide Multicultural Celebration to honor the diversity within their school community. With students’ birth countries spanning three continents, the school kicked off their celebration with a parade through the hallways, with students dressed in clothing representative of their home country or a country they had studied in class.
During an assembly for first and second graders, students learned about Sudan, watching a video about the Lost Boys and hearing from school Information Aide Antoni Makuor, himself a native of South Sudan. In an assembly for third, fourth and fifth graders, students learned about Afghanistan and enjoyed a visit from a parent who is from the region.
Parents also donated food from the various countries represented for students to sample. During a presentation about the school’s diversity, students learned that they represented nations in Africa, the Caribbean and Central America and Asia, with 33 students from Somalia, 32 from Burma, 20 from Nepal, 15 from the Congo and more. They also enjoyed watching a traditional Nepali dance, performed by three of their classmates.

Leading up to the celebration, each classroom in the school chose a country to study—from Laos to Puerto Rico to Kenya, Ethopia, Russia, Iraq and beyond.
“We learned that in Somalia, they draw on their hands when they have celebrations,” third grader Lucy Nuam explained.
First grade teacher Kerry Sealey organized the event, and said that the insight into other cultures was key. “I recently finished the District’s TESOL program, so I’ve been very actively involved with the children from other countries,” she explained. “The celebration helped the students learn how important it is for them to accept one another, and it helped them understand what it’s like to live in another country and the hardships that each country faces.”
Thank you to the students, parents and staff who contributed to making this event a success! 

To view a group of students performing a traditional Nepali dance, please click here!