ENL Student Registration Process

Action Step

Description of Process

(Please note that many of the phases of the process are implemented simultaneously)

Phase 1

CBOs or Walk-ins submit online application and required documentation

Community-Based Organization (CBO) or Parent/Guardian (Walk-In) complete Smartchoice online registration

o If CBO, list of refugee students is emailed to Lead Language Assessor and required documents are brought to screening (See phase 3)

o If Walk-In, all documents are completed with registration, and are reviewed: Home Language Questionnaires (HLQ) that indicate a language other than English are identified; Language Assessor is notified

Nurse reviews all health related documents for medical clearance

Phase 2


Language Assessor creates folder for student

Language Assessor schedules appointment with CBO or parent to assess English Language Proficiency (ELP) using the New York State Identification Test for English Language Learners (NYSITELL)

Phase 3

Screen HLQ/IEP

All registration documents are collected and reviewed

Language assessor reviews completeness and accuracy of the HLQ with family and attests with signature

If it is indicated that the home language is English, then the student is not an ELL and the screening stops

If IEP exists, student is reported to the Language Proficiency Team (LPT) to determine if the student moves to phase 4 or to LPT meeting

Phase 4

Conduct Individual Interview and Parent Orientation

Language Assessor conducts the individual interview with an interpreter, when necessary

Language Assessor collects and documents ENL information: immigrant, SIFE, transcripts and parent language preferred for communication

Bilingual Education counseling is provided by the language assessor

Nationality Worker provides SCSD ENL Parent Orientation to parents

Phase 5

NYSITELL Administration

Language Assessor administers the NYSITELL

Language Assessor scores the NYSITELL and determines English Proficiency level

Entitlement/Non-Entitlement parent notification letter is completed and signed by the language assessor, and provided to the parent

Phase 6

Formal Registration and Placement

ENL Department makes grade determination based on age and educational history and identifies program type (i.e. Bilingual, ENL, or Language Academy)

Department of Student Registration assigns school placement

Phase 7

Data Entry Verification

Language Assessor verifies data in ENL fields for state reporting of ENL, LEP, and Immigrant status. These fields in eSchool include: Date of Entry, Date of Reentry, Immigrant, Language, Country of Origin, SIFE, parent preferred language, LEP program, LEP Funding, NYSITELL scores

Phase 8

Communicate Placement and Start Date

Language Assessor communicates placement of new student and start date to CBOs and/or parents and school staff including: ENL teachers, administrators, nurses, and social workers

Phase 9

Distribute ENL Information

Department of Student Registration scans all ENL documents to school personnel and Office of ENL/Bilingual Education

Folder sent to school for cumulative folder