Wegmans Partnership Brings Farmer’s Markets to SCSD Schools

     Published on 6/23/17   Tagged under:    District News    Frazer K-8 School    Huntington K-8 School    LeMoyne Elementary School   

Students at Frazer Pre-K-8 School show the bags of fresh produce they selected through Wegmans' Farmer's Market stand.Students in SCSD elementary schools recently had the opportunity to shop for their own produce, thanks to Farmer’s Market stands provided by Wegmans and the SCSD Department of Food & Nutrition Services.
The stands allowed students to pick fruits and vegetables to try for themselves and bring home to their families.
“The students loved having the opportunity to try different fruits and vegetables,” Huntington Principal Joanne Harlow said. “They especially loved that the produce was presented as if it were a real farmer's market, where they can choose what they wanted and put it into a little shopping bag! Several of them said it was even better than when they get their snack in the classroom!”
The goal behind the Farmer’s Market was to expand the variety of fruits and vegetables that students are exposed to, give them hands-on interaction with healthy foods and encourage them to consume more fresh, healthy foods.
“Everyone was all smiles after they went to the market,” LeMoyne and Montessori at LeMoyne Principal Jason Armstrong said. “Students felt pride in being able to pick their own items and carry them to class in their own bag, and they understood more accurately the importance of getting an abundance of items to eat over time rather than just at one sitting.”
Rachel Murphy, SCSD Director of Food & Nutrition Services, said that many students are unfamiliar with a market stand, so exposing them to the wide variety of fruits and vegetables was a key benefit.
“The children exploded with excitement when they saw the offerings,” Ms. Murphy said. “If we can teach children at a young age that healthy food can be accessed through farm stands and mobile carts and kiosks, we are equipping them with skills necessary to secure healthy food for themselves in the future in neighborhoods where grocery stores with these products don’t exist.”
Thank you to Wegmans for providing this nutritious and educational experience to our students!