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Delaware Primary Library

McKinley-Brighton Library
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(315) 435-4540
Library Media Specialist:
Ms. Cait
Library Hours:
7:45 AM - 2:45 PM


The library at Delaware Primary School is a place where all students can read, learn, explore and imagine. 


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eBooks and Audiobooks

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Explore the wide and diverse collection of e-books and audiobooks available to all Syracuse City School District students and staff! Sora is a reading app that can be used on your computer or on your phone. Features include optional read-along narration, font adjustments (including dyslexic font), bookmarks, notes and highlighting.

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C O M E   E X P L O R E   T H E  L I B R A R Y !

In our libraries…
We believe that our libraries are the heart of our schools. This means they are an integral part of our school communities because they facilitate and inspire learning, growth, and sense of belonging. Our school libraries are a unique place and because of the meaningful work of our librarians, they are essential to our schools.  
We believe that our libraries are a welcoming, accessible, safe, and flexible space for all. This means libraries are multi-faceted places, with the potential for a variety of different activities each day. Libraries are a place where learning is continuously occurring, in many different forms, and everyone feels safe and welcome to be themselves. Librarians work to provide opportunities to build community, both within the confines of the library and school walls, and beyond. We welcome and initiate engagement and participation from our entire school community in our libraries.  
We believe that our librarians help foster an enthusiasm for books and reading. Librarians utilize their knowledge and skillset to intentionally create a meaningful, diverse and inclusive collection of books and materials that serve the interests and needs of the entire school community. Librarians intentionally create literature-based programming and activities to encourage excitement for reading. 
We believe that our librarians provide meaningful and authentic learning experiences for students. This means librarians are certified teachers that utilize their educational qualifications and ongoing training to facilitate high-quality, engaging, and meaningful instruction on information literacy skills at every grade level, aligned with the Empire State Information Fluency Continuum (IFC). Proficiency in these critical skills is not only beneficial in academic situations, but also applicable, valuable, and relevant in everyday life. Librarians teach students how to use technology, resources, and information safely, ethically, and responsibly. The inquiry process utilized in libraries empowers students to take ownership of their learning, to activate their curiosity, think critically, discover information to create new understanding, and communicate their learning. Instruction is rigorous, personalized, and differentiated to ensure every student learns and grows. 


Need help? Contact your Librarian:
Anthony Q. Davis, Superintendent
725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
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