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Budget Department

2024-25 General Fund Expense Summary

Get Involved: Balancing Act

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This Balancing Act tool provides major categories of District revenues and expenses, including explanations and dollar amounts. You have the ability to increase and decrease most categories with one click and provide comments on areas where you think we should spend more or less. Thank you for taking the time to use your voice and advocate for the children in Syracuse!


Where Does the Money Go?

Be an advocate! Join us in contacting local delegates to ask for additional funding:

Learn more about SCSD's legislative support requests:


2024-25 Budget Timeline

1/17/24 Proposed Budget Community Forum
2/14/24 Proposed Budget Presentation
2/28/24 Budget Public Budget Hearing
3/13/24 Board Approval of Proposed Budget
3/31/24 State Legislative Aid (tentative)
4/25/24 State Aid Overview & Adopted Budget presented to BOE
4/26/24  Board Adoption of Final Budget
4/29/24 Presentation to the Common Council
5/1/24 Public Hearing on City and School District Budget


2022-23 Adopted Budget Book

2022-23 Adopted Budget Presentation

2022-23 Special Aid Fund Book

Board of Education Budget Questions and Answers

State Budget Reporting and Foundation Aid Survey - Budget Reporting

Questions or comments regarding the Proposed Budget may be submitted through Let's Talk
Anthony Q. Davis, Superintendent
725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
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