Frazer Tiered System of Supports

Tier 1
Universal Supports
Schoolwide and classroom practices that promote the development and practice of pro-social behaviors, self-discipline, habits of learning, and healthy well-being.
Stan Whalen
Dignity Act Coordinator
Joy Yoffa/Regina Russo
Dignity Act Coordinator
Andrew Thurmond/Ariel Keefe
Student Support Center Staff
Andi Riley/ Christine Hanley
School Counselors
Loral Greenwood
PAX Partner
Nilsa DeJesus
Program Aide, Office of Family Engagement
Tier 2
Targeted Supports
Coordinated supports that match students’ social, emotional, and mental health needs to address the root cause of an issue.
Diamond Brown
PromiseZone Specialist
Elizabeth Swenson
Special Education Liaison
Joy Yoffa, Regina Russo, Kristi Cleary
Section 504 Liaisons
Stan Whelan
Section 504 Administrator
Joy Yoffa/Regina Russo
Social Workers
Thomas Nimineh
Social Work Assistant
Tier 3
Intensive Supports
Intensive, specialized support.
Portia Prince Webster
Mental Health Clinician, ARISE
Erin Ernestine
Family Support for Student Success, School Support
Family Support for Student Success, Family Support
Brooke Billings
Access School Liaison
Kristi Cleary
School Psychologist
Rachael Acosta/TBD
Hillside Youth Advocates