Building Men Program  


Joe Horan
(315) 440-4357


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Vision Statement:

Our vision is that young men in Syracuse will see themselves as part of a larger fellowship of men who:
  • Have excellent attendance in school and in after-school programs;
  • Graduate from high school and college and career education;
  • Participate in community in some level; and
  • Have the ability to make a significant impact upon society.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to support young men of Syracuse in their journey towards becoming men of character by helping them develop their purpose and passion, instilling integrity in their leadership, and providing them with opportunities to build healthy relationships with others. 

Building Men strongly believes that developing a fellowship of young males striving to become responsible men will increase their motivation, passion, and leadership and help create a positive impact upon the young men’s development.

To accomplish our goals we will:

  • Foster relationship built on respect
  • Provide opportunities for continued personal growth
  • Believe each male has what it takes to lead.


 What our Young Men will Do:
  •  Attend and participate in community service projects, and mentoring events
  •  Set goals, create career/passion maps, and complete assignments related to making decision upon your “True North”.
  •  Explain how to value and build positive relationships

What our Young Men will Know:
  • Explain the meaning for each word of SIR (significance, integrity, and relationships)
  •  Compare and contrast “A” man vs. “The” man
  • Identify men that are considered good examples of a SIR
  •  Describe changes in their lives as a result of participating in Building Men functions
  • Predict changes in your future based on being “A” man

And their parents will:

Actively participate in the educational process of their children

At the Building Men Program, we believe that each young man has the ability to use their passion and purpose for the betterment of our community.  It’s our organization’s challenge to provide a positive environment where each young male can grow in their personal development and utilize their strengths in a leadership capacity to benefit the school and community.  

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