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Special Education Administrators & Staff

Irastina Reid, Director of Special Education                      
Joanne Davidson, Office Assistant II: 315-435-4425
Margaret Dems, Office Assistant II
Annette Gustafson, Special Education Instructional Specialist
Colleen Leo, Special Education Instructional Specialist
Angela Griffin, Special Education Instructional Specialist
Dewan Daneen, Special Education Instructional Specialist
Len Matyasik, Lead Behavior Support Specialist
Kelly Buck, Autism Specialist
Theresa Kiritsis, Autism Specialist
TBD, Budget Analyst
TBD, Senior Nationality Worker 

Kevin Casavant
Assistant Director of Special Education - East Quadrant
Barbara Pine, Office Assistant II:: 315-435-5852
Patrick Walsh, Special Education Liaison for CSE, NYSAA, Frontline IEP  
Edith Seymour, Special Education Liaison for Data 

Merritt Kusak-McGuire
Assistant Director of Special Education - West Quadrant
Sue Buckley-Rodriguez, Office Assistant II::  315-435-4233
Michelle Williams-Swing, Assistive Technology Team
TBD, Assisitive Technology Team
Brian Buda, Transition Counselor

Sarah Long
Assistant Director of Special Education - North Quadrant
Linda Simonetta,Office Assistant II:: 315 435-4202
Kelly Abt, Special Education Liaison
Patrick Cassalia, Special Education Liaison
Heather Conde, Special Education Liaison
Jennifer Tarolli, Special Education Liaison
Lauren Steiner, Special Education Liaison
Jennifer Long, Special Education Liaison
Karen Broughton, Special Education Liaison
Jill Sincebaugh, Special Education Liaison
Gretchen Majors, Special Education Liaison
Anita Cox, Special Education Liaison
Elisabeth Swenson, 
Special Education Liaison

Dr. Leslie Kee
Assistant Director of Special Education - South Quadrant
Deborah Rentas, Office Assistant II
Carla Pittarelli, Wilson Language Support Liaison
Jennifer Cimilluca, RTI Liaison
Katherine Curtin, RTI Liaison

Records Room: 315-435-4155 or 315-435-4020
Deb Carni, Office Assistant II:
TBD, Office Assistant I

Special Education Pre-K (CPSE)
Katherine Teasedale-Edwards, Coordinator for CPSE
Jeannette Diaz, CPSE Office Assistant II 315-435-4576
Deanna Fowler, CPSE Office Assistant II 315-435-4576
Liz VanBenSchoten, Secretary CPSE STACS
Kathleen Walsh, Special Education Liaison for CPSE
Jennifer Couse, Special Education Liaison for CPSE
Jeanne Friedman, Special Education Liaison for CPSE
Lori Thrall, Special Education Liaison for CPSE
Department Fax: 435-4987
Anthony Q. Davis, Superintendent
725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
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