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Extended Learning Time Partner: Redhouse

The Redhouse Mission

Redhouse’s School District Partnerships provide unique and artistic educational experiences that stimulate imagination, encourage critical thinking, and promote inclusivity. By reinforcing common core curriculum, promoting social/emotional learning, and developing the culturally responsive classroom, this partnership fosters the further development of a positive school community.      


The Redhouse at Frazer School

The program at the elementary level of Frazer School provides unique and artistic enrichment experiences that reinforce common core curriculum, stimulate imagination, encourage critical thinking, and promote inclusivity. By promoting social/emotional learning, this partnership fosters the further development of a positive school community. Each student is given the opportunity to study in the areas of drama, dance, music, and visual arts.

The Middle School program at Frazer School provides unique and artistic enrichment experience with a vocational focus, inspiring students to explore career fields in the arts. Students are given the opportunity to choose their unit(s) of study each marking period.

Core Curriculum Through the Arts

Teaching Fellows trained in dance, music, drama, and design from around the country work with students to promote classroom learning and the arts. By participating in our immersive, project-based curriculum, students learn creativity, problem solving skills, and social and emotional skills. Each of the 8 arts based units engage, apply, and reinforce language arts, math, science, and social studies. These units are designed to meet NYS standards of learning for the core curriculum and the national standards of performing arts. Writing components based directly on the work of Lucy Calkins are integrated throughout the school year in order to create seamlessness between enrichment time and school district literacy initiatives. Our units culminate in a “shareformance”, a school wide celebration and student showcase.

Frazer School Highlights for 2017-18

  • Students showcased their academic and artistic progress at recent shareformances
  • Rag Tag Theatre performed a unique take on Cinderella, teaching the importance of valuing oneself and saying no to bullying!
  • Ms. Addison is having a blast teaching science and engineering with her S.T.E.A.M. class!
  • Ms. Grey’s students performed at the SCSD Winter Summit Mixer, showing off their incredible dance skills


  • Drama: Students learn the skills and values of performing for an audience. Students cover a large range of topics -- Shakespeare and his work, folktales from around the world, devised theater -- while incorporating language arts, history, and social-emotional skills to become a fully-fledged and well-rounded performer.
  • Movement and Dance: Students study multicultural dance and creative movement, building upon their knowledge of the elements of dance to create and perform movement pieces.
  • Music: Students will study and implement the elements of music in classes such as; Songwriting, Music for Film, and Music Video. Students will engage in both live and recorded performance practice through both vocal and instrumental music making. Students will also engage in critical listening and analytical activities of a wide variety of repertoire. 
  • Visual Arts: Through the introduction of diverse art mediums, students are exposed to the different ways they can make their imaginations and ideas come to life. From Film and Video to Sculpture and Painting, visual arts helps students use art-making as a means to learn more about core skills in English, History and Design while also encouraging students to explore their artistic abilities.
  • S.T.E.A.M.: Middle school students enrolled in the S.T.E.A.M. class are learning about the engineering design process and will be exploring sound, chemical reactions and polymers. Their final project is to engineer a contraption to protect an egg being dropped from different heights.
  • Storytelling: Middle school students enrolled in the Storytelling class are learning to create plays, and will write and act in one themselves. They will examine how to create stories and biographies via social media sites and use it as inspiration to create their own story. Their final project is to film an original story.
Anthony Q. Davis, Superintendent
725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
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