PSLA Tiered System of Supports

Tier 1
Universal Supports
Schoolwide and classroom practices that promote the development and practice of pro-social behaviors, self-discipline, habits of learning, and healthy well-being.
Ingrid Paredes/Jasmine Price
Dignity Act Coordinator
Patrick Otts
Dignity Act Coordinator
Million Negash, Derrick Williams
Student Support Center Staff
Marrietta Burke/Nicole Casamento/Shannon Isham/Paul Romanenko/TBD
School Counselors, Tiers 1,2,3
Briana Cook
Peaceful Schools, CS Coordinator
Theresa McDonald
Program Aide, Office of Family Engagement
Tier 2
Targeted Supports
Coordinated supports that match students’ social, emotional, and mental health needs to address the root cause of an issue.
PromiseZone Specialist
Jen Long
Special Education Liaison
Patrick Otts/Karen Cusano
Social Worker, Tiers 1,2,3
Jasmine Price
Section 504 Administrator
Taylor White
Section 504 Liaison
Tier 3
Intensive Supports
Intensive, specialized support.
Danielle Banigan
Mental Health Clinician- SBHC
Sean Muller
Student and Family Support for Student Success, School/Family
Stephanie Petrilli
ACCESS School Liaison
Timothy Kirkland/Kenton Chanmon/Lesha Cannon
Good Life
Micha Keach/Najah Johnson/Shaniqua Thompson
Hillside Youth Advocates
Stephanie Thompson
Liberty Partnerships Program
Taylor White
School Psychologist
Brandi Petrillo
Student Assistance Counselors
Tiers 1,2,3