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Home Schooling

Mailing Address
Hearing Office/Student Support
1025 Erie Boulevard West
Syracuse, NY 13204
Office Address
1003 West Fayette Street
Syracuse, NY 13204
(Marcellus Street Side)
Contact Information
(315) 435-6350

The New York State Education Department provides parents with the ability to instruct their children at home with the Commissioner's Regulations Part 100.10 - Home Instruction.

Letter of Intent
A Letter of Intent, outlining a parent or guardian's wish to home school a child must be received by the Office of Student Support Services prior to each school year, or within 14 days after commencing home instruction.

The Letter of Intent shall include:

   - Student's Name, Date of Birth, & Grade Level
   - Parent/Guardian Name & Contact Information

Individual Home Instruction Plan (IHIP)
An Individual Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) must be recieved by the district within 4 weeks of the Letter of Intent. This IHIP must be approved by the Office of Student Support Services. Once approved, the student is removed from their school building's roster and is considered a home school student.

The IHIP must include:
   - Student Name, Date of Birth, & Grade Level
   - A Plan of Instruction (Syllabi, Textbooks, Online Programs, etc.)*
   - Quarter Report & Annual Assessment Submission Dates
   - The Name(s) of the Individual(s) Providing Instruction

* Please be advised that the district does not provide materials or curriculum resources to home school students. Additionally, many school programs, sports, and other extracurriculars are not available to home school students.

Quarterly Reports & Annual Assessment
Throughout the year, 4 quarterly reports must be submitted to the Office of Student Support Services on or before the dates specified by the parent in the IHIP.

The recommended schedule for quarterly reports is as follows:
   - 1st Quarter Report due on or about November 15
   - 2nd Quarter Report due on or about February 15
   - 3rd Quarter Report due on or about April 15
   - 4th Quarter Report due on or about June 15

Quarterly Reports must include:
   - Student Name & Grade Level
   - The Number of Hours of Instruction During the Quarter
   - A Description of the Material Covered in Each Subject
   - A Grade for Each Subject or a Written Narrative Evaluation of Progress
In the event that less than 80% of the planned materials were covered in a quarter, a quarterly report must also contain a written explanation as to why.

Annual Assessments are due at the time of the 4th Quarter Report. The assessment shall include the results of a commercially published norm-referenced achievement test, or an alternative form of evaluation for certain grade levels.
Anthony Q. Davis, Superintendent
725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
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