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Richard Richardson III
Vice Principals
Peter Neeves
Jontea Florence

DASA Coordinators
Peter Neeves
Mark Vasquez
309 W. Brighton Ave. |
Syracuse, NY 13205
School Hours 
7:45 AM - 2:15 PM
Main Office
(315) 435-4535
Fax: (315) 435-6208
Nurse's Office
(315) 435-4469
Guidance Office
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In EL schools, students learn by conducting “learning expeditions” rather than by sitting in a classroom being taught one subject at a time. EL works on developing the character — as well as the intellect — of students. More than 150 schools in 30 states use this model— including Syracuse City School District’s own ELMS.


EL Learning Model

1. Learning targets in student-friendly language

2. Interdisciplinary projects (relating to more than one subject)

3. Demonstrating learning through high quality student work

4. Drawing on cultural resources and community leaders

5. Celebrations of learning: students present projects to

EL Goals

Knowledge and skills
Students demonstrate proficiency, apply what they’ve learned, think critically and communicate clearly

Students work to become effective learners, ethical people, and put their learning to use to improve communities

High-quality student work

Students create complex work, demonstrate craftsmanship, and create authentic work

Humanities & STEM

Using Language!Live to help all students develop stronger skills in reading writing, grammar, fluency and phonics

Improve math and science achievement through the Math- Science-Technology (MST) Block

Social Studies
Social Studies Literacy focusing on reading for information standards and utilizing the TEES writing strategy

News & Updates
SCSD Middle School Students Practice Civic Engagement with School Elections SCSD Middle School Students Practice Civic Engagement with School Elections: In New York State, you must be 18 to vote in an election; but SCSD middle school students had unique opportunities to get a head start on this important civic rite-of-passage… with student elections in their school buildings!   This election season, Clary Middle School students were invited to participate in their school’s first gubernatorial election. Leading up to election day, students from every grade level learned about the candidates for Governor of New York State in ... more >>
Brighton Academy Students Celebrate Diversity at Multicultural Festival Brighton Academy Students Celebrate Diversity at Multicultural Festival: Brighton Academy students came together this year to represent about 20 different countries through food, music, and activities at the school’s recent Multicultural Festival.   Each country was represented at a station that highlighted information about its native dress, food, traditions and more. Fifteen Brighton Academy families prepared foods representing their native culture, serving them to more than 300 students and staff attending the Festival! Former Brighton Academy students ... more >>
Brighton Academy Students Explore Race through Interdisciplinary Projects Brighton Academy Students Explore Race through Interdisciplinary Projects: What is race? Does science play a role in its definition?   Eighth graders at Brighton Academy recently embarked on a monthlong project examining these complex questions. In their Science and Social Studies classes, students examined race through different lenses, making connections as they conducted research, examined maps and completed discussions.   In Science, students studied how heredity influences traits from generation to generation. They learned that not all traits are ... more >>

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Student and Family Supports are Available!
The SCSD has many academic, social, emotional and mental health supports available to students. School social workers can help connect you and your child to in school and/or out of school supports that meet your needs. Please call us at (315) 435-4535 and ask to speak with a Social Worker for more information and assistance.