HW Smith Presents Its 2022 Spring Musical: The Little Mermaid, Jr.

     Published on 5/5/22   Tagged under:    District News    HW Smith K-8 School   

We invite you to Journey "under the sea" with Ariel and her aquatic friends. In a magical underwater kingdom, the beautiful young mermaid, Ariel, longs to leave her ocean home — and her fins — behind and live in the world above. But first, she'll have to defy her father, King Triton, make a deal with the evil sea witch, Ursula, and convince the handsome Prince Eric that she's the girl whose enchanting voice he's been seeking. Adapted from Disney's Broadway production and movie, which is based on one of Hans Christian Andersen's most beloved stories, Disney’s Little Mermaid JR. is an enchanting look at the sacrifices we all make for love and acceptance.
Don’t miss The Little Mermaid, Jr., which will be performed by HW Smith students! Shows will be performed on May 6th at 7 pm and May 7th at 11 am. Tickets will be $5 and will be available for purchase at the door.
See below for a list of student participants. We hope to see you at the show to support #SCSDArts!


Ariel                                       Abby Carello
Prince Eric                           Kaydince Williamson
Ursula                                   Seineh Weah
Flotsam                                Koi Mills
Jetsam                                  Nyshonne Mitchell
Sebastian                             Angelina Gomez
Flounder                              Jeffrey Allen
Scuttle                                  Lydia Brechler
Scuttle’s Sidekicks:
Scoot                                     Naw Eh Taw Nee Saw
Scoop                                    Niemani Eiland
King Triton                          NaJeer Stenson
                Aquata                 Reneajah Taylor
                Andrina                Aleisha Baxter
                Arista                    Mileah Beebe
                Atina                     Samantha Bellini
                Adella                   JayLynn Brown
                Allana                    Miori Rouson
Chef Louis                           Niemani Eiland
Grimsby                               Nataniel Taylor
Carlotta                                Fatuma Majendero
Pilot                                       Nevaeh-A Jackson
                Paullette              Niemah Taylor
                Penelope            Nevaeh-A Jackson
                Phyllis                   Anaja Johnson
                Polly                      Ay’onah Fenner
                Patricia                 Nyla Grovner
                Pamela                 Angella Zomanpuii

Ensemble (Sea Creatures) 6th Grade 

Jerome Weah
Nyla Grovner
Anaja Johnson
Fatuma Majendero
Angella Zomanpuii
Naw Eh Taw Nee Saw
Ay’onah Fenner
Kassera Rivera

Ensemble (Sea Creatures) 7th Grade

Niemani Eiland
Ne’vaeh-A Jackson
Keilana Estenzo

Ensemble (Sea Creatures) 8th Grade

Niemah Taylor

Technical Crew

Edward Vives, Noah Hall, Grant Zarny, Kemo Suljic, Kevin Ferguson, Nadia Jackson, Millie Mabry, Kevin Ferguson, Kemo Suljic, Nyanna Gary, Malaysia Jones, Amirah Davis, Nah’Jae Stenson


Tenea Webb, Lucy Chambers, Khamille Williams