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Virtual Recruitment & Selection During Covid-19

Is the SCSD hiring?
Yes, the SCSD anticipates hiring for positions in all areas for the 2020-2021 school year.
What can I expect if I apply for a position?
A member of the Recruitment and Selection team will review your application. If you are applying for a teaching position and you meet the basic qualifications of the position, you will be invited to complete a virtual interview. If you are successful at this stage of the process, your application materials will be shared with building principals who have a vacant position in your content area. Building based interviews will be scheduled in June and throughout the summer until all positions have been filled. These interviews will also take place remotely, most likely, utilizing a platform such as Zoom.

Candidates interested in non-certified positions who have applied on the District’s online job board, will be contacted by a supervisor from the respective department. Interviews may be held via phone or online. When access to online resources is not available, 1:1 in person, with all social distancing precautions adhered to, will be scheduled. These interviews will also occur on a rolling basis throughout the summer.
What if I do not have reliable access to Wi-Fi and cannot participate in a virtual interview?
The SCSD will do its’ best to make reasonable accommodations, which may include scheduling phone screenings or in-person interviews, while adhering to social distancing guidelines.
What tips do you have for candidates preparing for a virtual interview?
  • Make sure your technology works. If possible, do a dry run in preparation for your interview.
  • Virtual Interviews will begin promptly. Take whatever steps are necessary to ensure you are ready at the designated time.
  • Be sure to dress as you would for any other interview.
  • Be sure to prepare as you would for any other interview, including learning background about the SCSD before your interview.
  • Be sure to “accept” your virtual video invitation so the interviewer knows you plan to participate. Also, be checking your email regularly if you have applied since most interview invites will come via email.