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2020-21 School Year Budget

In developing our budget for the 2020-21 school year, we have specifically linked resource allocation with student need and the expected impact on student achievement.  Specifically, the budget includes funding for the following priorities:
  1. Engaging our families and communities, as strong school communities engender strong students, lead to academic success and prepare children for active citizenship and successful careers. We continue to engage the public to participate in the budget process districtwide with Balancing Act, and in our school buildings with seven schools implementing Participatory Budgeting.
  2. Embedding culturally responsive practices in all that we do, bridging the gap between what students learn in the classroom from their studies and their teachers, and what they experience in the community. Our day-to-day interactions will encourage and embrace the wonderful diversity of our school communities.
  3. Providing dynamic, rigorous curriculum and instruction, which includes personalized learning at every grade level to ensure our students graduate prepared for a successful transition into higher education, careers, and active citizenship. These initiatives span all grades from an Early Literacy Initiative for our youngest learners to expanding our Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs for high school students.
  4. Recruiting, developing, supporting, and retaining the most effective diverse staff who play a vital role in the growth and success of our children. We are strengthening partnerships with teacher prep programs, investing in high-quality professional development and opening a CTE pathway for urban teachers to grow our own future teacher and leader staff with SCSD graduates.
  5. Safety and Security of children and staff is paramount. We are exploring ways to increase security in our buildings, and we will continue providing transportation to all K8 students at one mile.


Proposed 2020-21 General Fund Expense Summary

Get Involved: Balancing Act

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We welcome you to provide your insights on the 2020-21 proposed budget with the Balancing Act tool. This platform provides major categories of school district revenues and expenses with explanations and dollar amounts to provide you with an overview of our proposed budget. You have the ability to increase and decrease most of the categories with a click and cast your vote on where to invest more and where to spend less. Every year we look for efficiencies and cost savings while balancing rising costs of operating our schools and needing to cultivate academic achievement and growth. With your insight we believe we can develop a more transparent and informed budget to better serve the students and families of Syracuse.
Please accept this invitation to learn more about the Syracuse City School District's $486.3 million dollar proposed budget and tell us what changes you would like to see. Thank you for taking the time to voice your opinion and to cast your vote advocating for the children in Syracuse.



Where Does The Money Go?

Budget Pie Graph


2020-21 Budget Timeline

2/12/20 Proposed Budget Presentation
2/24/20 Public Hearing
3/4 & 3/5/20 Possible Public Hearing Dates
3/11/20 Board Approval of Proposed Budge
3/31/20 State Legislative Aid
4/15/20 State Aid Overview & Adopted Budget presented to BOE
4/22/20  Board Adoption of Final Budget
TBD Public Hearing on City and School District Budget
TBD Presentation to the Common Council

2020-21 Budget Documents

2020-21 Special Aid Fund Book

2020-21 Adopted Budget Book

Questions or comments regarding the Proposed Budget may be submitted through Let's Talk

2020-21 New York State Funding Transparency Forms

2020-21 Transparency Forms Parts A-E
2020-21 Transparency Form Part F