What is Crew?

  Crew is a smaller class that all students at ELMS participate in.  It is designed to build close relationships with your fellow Crew members and your Crew leader.  At ELMS Crew is multi-grade and gender specific (all girls/all boys Crew) where they sit in a circle every day.

The Crew leader will be the primary contact for parents/guardians to discuss your child, school events, and any questions/concerns that parents/guardians may have throughout the year.

Students will receive a grade in Crew. Crew has various purposes:
  • Relationship Building (with peers and Crew leader)
  • Academic progress monitoring and supportive interventions
  • Character Development
  • Helps students understand and define what it means to be an EL School
  • Opportunities for student voice and leadership
  • Fun, adventure, and fitness
  • Community Service
  • Allows for students to be known well by at least one adult who serves as an advocate for the student’s academic and social progress
  • School wide celebration
  • Instills a sense of pride in the school
group of hands showing unity