PSLA at Fowler Students Plan for the Future

     Published on 12/15/20   Tagged under:    District News    PSLA @ Fowler   

Ninth grade PSLA at Fowler students in the school’s Cosmetology program have been planning for the future, thanks to a creative project in their life skills unit.
Cosmetology teacher Theresa Calabrese assigned students a vision board project, asking that they create a collage of images, words and phrases that represent their dreams, wishes and goals. Students were told to show the next five years of their life – following their high school career and beyond – to show where they see themselves.
“The purpose behind the vision boards was to get the students thinking about their future,” Ms. Calabrese said. “Even during this time, I hoped they would be able to see they can still reach for their dreams. By writing them down, hopefully they can stay focused on them. I wanted them to think about what they really want out of life, even if Cosmetology isn't it.”
“Some of my goals that I have are to graduate high school and then go to college,” Da’Veila Lyons explained. “While I’m in college, I plan on getting a hair and clothes shop with my sister. We’ve been saying that since we were little kids! After I finish college, I’m going to work in my shop.”
Da’Veila said that as a visual learner, remote and hybrid learning have been difficult for her, but this project helped keep her motivated.
“In order for me to reach my goals, I have to keep my grades up,” she added. “I have to get used to the change.”
Some of the students mentioned other career aspirations – like nursing, for example – but said they were interested in working at a salon while they earned their degrees. What a great way to help students stay motivated to achieve their goals!