HW Smith Vice Principal Nick Scholz Honored as Leader in Digital Education

     Published on 5/7/21   Tagged under:    District News    HW Smith K-8 School   

HW Smith Vice Principal sits on a desk and smiles at the camera.HW Smith Vice Principal Nick Scholz has been named recipient of the 2021 Leader in Digital Education Award by the School Administrators Association of New York State (SAANYS).

This award recognizes a SAANYS member who has demonstrated exceptional, creative leadership in harnessing the potential of technology to further teaching and student achievement. Mr. Scholz was selected for his excellent organizational and communication skills in supporting and promoting innovative digital practices among the students and staff in his building.
VP Scholz has successfully integrated technology to enhance his instructional leadership practices as well as student opportunities. Embracing today’s digital tools, he has developed better systems for teacher feedback and development, rich digital content in classrooms, and true data-driven decision making. Mr. Scholz and his team hold regular instructional data meetings to analyze the data in meaningful ways for the betterment of both teacher and student growth.
During this unprecedented year, VP Scholz successfully used his digital know-how to lead the school in the implementation of remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a master schedule that could be adapted to work in full remote, hybrid, and full in-person settings. He ensured that ten grade levels had the appropriate educational diet, enrichment and expressive academic periods, professional learning communities, and remote learning support blocks. ln addition, he ensured that all staff felt comfortable with the online learning platforms while also supporting the alignment and consistency of grade-level pages, which was critical to enable parents to be able to understand the school's expectations each week.
"Given the situation we are in with remote learning and hybrid schooling, Mr, Scholz has literally worked 24 hours a day to fully understand each and every platform available," HW Smith Principal Theresa Haley said. "Whether he is trying to determine how one system talks to another for data sharing or how to utilize a platform for improved family communication, Mr. Scholz will not stop learning until he feels he can implement the program to the fullest."
“We are so proud of HW Smith Vice Principal Nick Scholz for being selected as the winner of the SAANYS 2021 Leader in Digital Education Award,” Syracuse City School District Superintendent Jaime Alicea said. “Mr. Scholz’s colleagues have spoken highly of his exceptional leadership and the ways he has used technology to help HW Smith students succeed. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused new challenges when it comes to students and staff learning new platforms and accessing new technologies. Mr. Scholz has been a go-to within his building to ensure that technology enhances – not hinders – his students’ and colleagues’ success during this challenging time. His collaborative leadership is what we strive for within the Syracuse City School District, and I commend Mr. Scholz on this well-deserved recognition!”
Congratulations to VP Scholz on this honor!