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SCSD Collectively Achieves 10,000 Book Challenge

This is a photo of a group of students holding up books and smiling at the camera.This past spring, Superintendent Davis issued a challenge to the SCSD community: to collectively read 10,000 books by the end of the school year.
Students, staff, families, and community members were encouraged to participate – reading on their own or in groups and then submitting a tally of the total number of books read in an online form. In mid-June, results were tallied – and the community together read more than 10,250 books!
The STEAM at Dr. King community took the challenge to a new level – collectively reading more than 4,430 books; McKinley-Brighton students, staff, and families read 762 books; Meachem read 752 books; and Frazer read 709 books, rounding out the top 4 schools. To see your school’s performance, please click here!
“Our goal in hosting the 10,000 book challenge was to help encourage our students to develop a love of reading,” SCSD Director of English Language Arts Rhonda Zajac shared. “Studies show that students who read for pleasure have better academic performance in school; and reading can also have mental health benefits, contributing to lower stress levels and more. It was wonderful to see our community rally together and read together. We hope these habits will carry with our students, staff, and families throughout the summer and long into the future!”
Throughout the reading challenge, at each 2,500 book benchmark, there were drawings to recognize those who had been logging their books. Four staff/community members received gift cards, four elementary classrooms received treasure chests of items to share, and four middle/high school students received prizes. See below for a complete list of the randomly selected winners – and thank you to all who participated in this fun districtwide challenge! 
Elementary Classrooms:
2,500 Benchmark Rosepisey Webb (STEAM @ Dr. King)
5,000 Benchmark Victoria Webb (Franklin)
7,500 Benchmark Angel McFadden (STEAM @ Dr. King)
10,000 Benchmark Mara Henson (Porter)
Middle/High School Winners:
2,500 Benchmark Madison Carone (Grant Middle School)
5,000 Benchmark Jayden Nunez (ITC High School)
7,500 Benchmark Amary'lis Tyson (Brighton Academy)
10,000 Benchmark Abigail Mannion (Nottingham High School) and Sam Alibili (Brighton Academy)
Staff/Community Member Winners:
2,500 Benchmark: Caitlin Noreault (parent at Oasis)
5,000 Benchmark: Michele Suarez (Library Media Specialist at Oasis)
7,500 Benchmark: Mary Mastin (teacher at Ed Smith)
10,000 Benchmark: Kate Curtin (Special Education teacher)
Anthony Q. Davis, Superintendent
725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
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