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SCSD Students Visit Micron Factory During Summer Washington, DC Trip

This is a photo of SCSD students who  attended a trip to Micron - standing in front of the Micron building in Virginia.“It’s versatile – whatever you’re looking forward to doing, you could probably find inside Micron!”
Corcoran senior Jayden Hayward was into technology when he was younger. Now, as he anticipates his life after high school, he says he’s uncertain about what career path he’ll pursue. This summer, his mother encouraged him to join a two-day trip to Washington, DC, organized by Hillside, On Point For College, and in partnership with Micron.
“I didn’t really want to go because I’ve never gone anywhere out of state by myself,” Jayden shared. “My mom encouraged me to go – I’m glad she did! I made a lot of friends. The mentors were all nice and helpful. It was something to remember – a once in a lifetime thing.”
Jayden and his peers – several current SCSD high school students along with recent SCSD graduates who are now in college – took a bus to Washington, DC where they toured the nation’s capital and got an up-close look at a Micron Chip Fab in Manassas, VA.
They learned from industry experts, witnessed the manufacturing process of microchips, and were immersed in cutting-edge technology.
“The Micron building was huge – it was very nice!” Jayden said. “They told us about how there are so many jobs at Micron and how they’re bringing it to Syracuse. They said that when we graduate, some of us could go work there. They talked to us about the types of jobs there have there. Most of the things there are automated, but people go in to do technical and engineering work, programming, and other jobs. It kind of helped me understand that there are a lot of opportunities out there. There are a lot of companies coming to Syracuse and there will be a lot of jobs here. It showed me that I can always look at all my options – I don’t have to be focused on just one thing. It opened my eyes to a lot of stuff!”
“Robotics and STEM have been a side passion for me,” ITC junior Tristan Bey said. “I wanted to see what it was about! The Micron facility had a lot of robots and automation. I’d like to study film and literature in college – but it sounds like they have work in all kinds of areas. Maybe I could make commercials or something for them! This trip really opened my views. I spoke with some of the college students who were there, and they helped me realize that you can work in an area you’re passionate about and you can get paid well doing it – you just have to work hard and be good at it.”
“I’d like to study to be an ultrasound technician or do something with business management,” ITC senior Kennaja Thomas explained. “I wanted to go on this trip because it was my first time in DC, and I thought it would allow me to see new things and have new opportunities. I learned that Micron has really well-paid internships for college students in so many areas… I’d love to try to get one! One of the women who worked at Micron was talking to me and it really helped me feel prepared for my future. She told me that whatever it is that I want to do, she believes in me and that I can do it. It really encouraged me!”
Before heading home, students were invited to explore the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the Washington Monument, Capitol Building, Lincoln Memorial, and other historic landmarks.
“We went to see all the DC landmarks,” Jayden added. “That was my first time being there. It was the closest I have ever gotten to the White House, and I saw the Washington Monument and the Capitol. The African American Museum was really nice – there was a lot of information to take in, and it was my favorite part of the whole trip.”
Thank you to Hillside, On Point for College, and Micron for making this trip possible for our students!
Anthony Q. Davis, Superintendent
725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
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