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Classroom Spotlight: Daniela Klamm, 1st Grade, Salem Hyde

This is a photo of a first grade girl standing in front of the classroom screen projector showing her work to her classmates, who are looking on from their desks.Throughout the school year, we will be showcasing the everyday learning happening within our buildings. 

“Who solved the problem the same way that she did?”
A few hands shot up.
We’re proud of the learning happening within our classrooms each and every day. Students in Daniela Klamm’s first grade classroom at Salem Hyde Elementary School have been learning about solving word problems in math – using different strategies, like “count on” and “take from 10.” Each student has the freedom to decide which strategy they would use to solve a problem, and then they take turns explaining their process to the rest of the class.
“I did a 5 group drawing, because that’s my favorite strategy,” 1st grader Khloe Wanamaker explained. “I like when we do number sentences! It’s fun because I know how to use more than one strategy to solve a problem, and that makes learning new things easier.”
Anthony Q. Davis, Superintendent
725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
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