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Classroom Spotlight: Cristin Albert, Salem Hyde, 3rd Grade

This is a photo of two Salem Hyde third grade students, holding a banner and  a collection jar to raise money for Team Seas.We’re proud of the #SCSDLearning happening within our classrooms each and every day. At Salem Hyde, third graders in Cristin Albert’s class have been learning about water and garbage in their Humanities lessons (Language Arts and Social Studies). They’ve learned about why we need water, its uses, how to conserve, how to recycle, and even about environmental issues like pollution. They’ve read books including Here Comes the Garbage Barge, We Are the Water Protectors, and The Mess That We Made. Then, they researched ways they could make a difference in our environment. In small groups, they made posters advertising the importance of saving water, recycling, and picking up trash – and they presented what they learned to the school’s second graders! The class even began hosting a coin drive to collect funds to support Team Seas – an organization where every $1 donated can clean a pound of trash from the ocean!
“If there’s trash in the water, animals can get sick,” third grader Evangeline Metthe explained. “And we don’t want to have dirty water either! I want the younger students, and everyone, to know not to pollute!”
Anthony Q. Davis, Superintendent
725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
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