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Classroom Spotlight: Kelcey Myers, Dr. Weeks 4th Grade

This is a photo of a Dr. Weeks 4th grade student standing in front of her class, pointing to her project displayed on the smart board in front of her.Dr. Weeks 4th grader Princess Shanes spoke about slavery, reading an article from the newspaper she created, “Freedom Walkers.” Then, she looked at her class and asked, “What questions do you have?”
“Why did you put a picture of Harriet Tubman on there?” one classmate asked.
“Because she was enslaved,” Princess answered.
Students in Kelcey Myers’ 4th grade class had finished studying Frederick Douglass’ newspaper, The Liberator, as part of their Changing New York unit. They then had the task of creating their own newspaper article based on it! The goal of the project? To incorporate the C-E-E-R writing style that makes a claim in support of ending enslavement; as well as to help students develop skills in standing up for themselves and those around them in the face of injustice.
“I picked the pictures and wrote it all myself,” Princess shared. “I practiced using C-E-E-R. I wrote a claim – that people in Syracuse felt mad about enslavement. I wrote two pieces of evidence – that Syracuse people made speeches to convince other people that enslavement was wrong, and that enslaved people had to walk hundreds of miles. And I included my reasoning. We’ve spent months learning about the American Revolution, and I really liked this project the best. It was my first time on Canva and I liked being able to create my own things!”
We’re proud of the #SCSDLearning happening within our classrooms each and every day!
Anthony Q. Davis, Superintendent
725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
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