Computer Forensics Advisory Council

Computer Forensics at the Public Service Leadership Academy students will learn techniques to search for, preserve and analyze information on computer systems to find potential evidence for a trial.

Courses will include in-depth coverage of computer crime laws, collection and management of evidence, analyzing computers that might contain crime-related information and preparing computer evidence for courtroom testimony. 

Advisory Council Members:
  • Joe Giordano (Utica College)
  • Jay Williams (Parsons Corporation Director of Cyber Security)
  • Andrew Cramer (SCSD Manager of Operations & Programming)
  • Jim Shea (Cyber Defense Institute)
  • Roger Benn (Excellus)
  • Andrew Carr (Utica College)
  • Justin Storms (Onondaga County Center for Forensic Science, Digital Evidence)
  • Peter Smith (Upstate Agency)
  • Zoe Koulouris (Upstate Agency)