HW Smith Pre-K-8 School


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Theresa Haley
Vice Principal
Nickolas Scholz
Amanda Shepherd
Victor Ciciarelli
DASA Coordinators
Teri Haley
Abigail Gleason
Main Office
(315) 435-4490
Attendance Office
(315) 435-4490
Guidance Office
(315) 435-6413
Nurse's Office
(315) 435-4494
School Hours 
All K-8 Students
7:45 AM - 3:25 PM
School doors open at 7:40 AM for breakfast.
School Address 
1130 Salt Springs Road |
Syracuse, NY 13224





To cultivate all students’ academic, social and emotional skills in preparation for success in high school and beyond.

To be highly regarded for academic excellence where every student is achieving at his or her maximum potential in an engaging, inspiring and challenging learning environment.

Highly Regarded: A school where the district and state recognize the progress towards the highest attendance rate, the lowest incidents in discipline, and the highest scores on NYS assessments.

Student Friendly Vision
To become the best K-8 school in Syracuse.


Below you will find a list of our teachers and the specific communication tool they are using during this COVID-19 school shutdown. If you have not already done so please find your child's teacher and get signed up or have your student sign-up. If you need additional support please reach out directly to our Vice Principal Mrs. Shepherd ashepherd2@scsd.us. Thanks and stay safe. We miss all of you. 

ClassDojo: Download the App onto your phone or log-in on computer www.classdojo.com. Contact teacher or Mrs. Shepherd (email above) to get individual class code.
Facebook: Click on Facebook page (below) and LIKE page for up to date communication from teacher
Edmodo: Click on www.edmodo.com and create a student account. Input the teacher codes for the teachers you have and follow along with your teacher.
Google Classroom: Go to classroom.google.com. You will need a gmail account and it will ask you to join a class

DAILY LEARNING MENU (Handed out in work packets) identifies a time expected on Digital Learning. Below are the specific instructions for how to log-on to those platforms. Please note that nearly everything can be accessed through a portal known as CLEVER. The directions for how to navigate to that portal are explained below. Most students will know exactly how to navigate to CLEVER. 
Useful Websites:
  1. CLEVER: Students all have access to sign in through CLEVER online.
    1. URL: www.scsd.us
    2. In ABOUT drop down Click on LIBRARIES at the bottom
    3. On the far left of the page click on CLEVER
    4. Students will then sign-in using their Username and Password
    5. Username and Password are on address label inside folders given to students on Monday 3/16/2020. OR may be picked up at school between 10-12
    1. Dream Box – K-8 Mathematics Instruction
    2. Imagine Learning – K-5 ELA Instruction
    3. Learnzillion – 6-8 Math Instruction
    4. NEWSELA – 3-8 ELA Work and Quizzes
    5. My-On – Online E-Reader for K-8 Reading
    6. SORA – Online E-reader for K-8 reading
    7. Castlelearning – 6-8 Science Quizzes and Instruction
    8. Language Live – 6-8 ELA Instruction (Specific Students)
Please do not hesitate to reach out to one of your child’s teachers through CLASS-DOJO or email one of the administrator if you have any other questions:
Mrs. Haley: thaley@scsd.us
Mr. Scholz: nscholz@scsd.us
Mrs. Shepherd: ashepherd2@scsd.us
Mr. Ciciarelli: VCiciarelli@scsd.us

Grade Level Teacher Name Platform Link Code
K Hamernik Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/590266155177747/  
k Bush Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/590266155177747/  
k Maffei Facebook https://www.facebook.com/maffeiHW/  
k Gillespie Phone Calls    
K,1 DeStephano Phone Calls    
1 Boskovski ClassDojo/SeeSaw https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code
1 Perrotta ClassDojo/SeeSaw https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code
1 Sullivan ClassDojo https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code
1 Kunda ClassDojo https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code
1,2 Petersen Phone/Mail/SeeSaw Clever  
2 Kennedy ClassDojo/SeeSaw https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code
2 Zion/Russo ClassDojo/SeeSaw https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code
2 Wiacek Facebook/Classdojo/SeeSaw https://www.facebook.com/Ms-Wiaceks-2nd-Grade-Classroom-103137434662347/  
2 Marzullo ClassDojo/SeeSaw https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code
2,3 Tuyet ClassDojo/SeeSaw https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code
3 Brigandi ClassDojo https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code
3 Maclachlan ClassDojo https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code
3 Saether ClassDojo https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code
3 Hogan ClassDojo https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code
4 Frey Facebook/Classdojo https://www.facebook.com/Miss-Frey-4th-grade-class-100616491583499/  
4 Caufield Classdojo https://www.classdojo.com/  
4 Eustace ClassDojo/Zearn/Xtra Math xtramath.org, https://www.zearn.org/ Individual Code 
4 Minghillo ClassDojo https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code 
5 Thorpe ClassDojo https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code 
5 Finch ClassDojo https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code 
5 Roman ClassDojo https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code 
5 Cox ClassDojo https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code 
5 Davis (5th) ClassDojo https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code 
3,4,5 Dempf-Aldrich ClassDojo https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code 
3,4,5 Cramer ClassDojo https://www.classdojo.com/ Individual Code 
6 Collins Edmodo www.edmodo.com mhed3g
6 D. Hewitt Edmodo www.edmodo.com puytuf
6 Ramdath Edmodo www.edmodo.com m9t6pg
6 K. Hewitt Edmodo www.edmodo.com uds9im
6 Sennett Edmodo www.edmodo.com 5bffq8
6 Terry Edmodo www.edmodo.com jkikis
4,6 Weimar Edmodo www.edmodo.com 9c8nsq
7 Mead Google Classroom www.classroom.google.com 6rc57wv
7 Krause Google Classroom www.classroom.google.com pb2r6yg
7 Latella Google Classroom www.classroom.google.com ghqasxl
7 Kwiek Google Classroom www.classroom.google.com zkn4pws
7 Conklin Google Classroom www.classroom.google.com  
7 Stevens Google Classroom www.classroom.google.com 3kgbet5
7 Davis (7th) Google Classroom www.classroom.google.com  
8 Mossotti Google Classroom/Delta Math www.classroom.google.com, www.deltamath.com Math 8: bxci63z
Algebra: gml66pzx
8 MacNorton Google Classroom www.classroom.google.com Slytherin: nj2flxt
Gryffindor: l52oxcp
Hufflepuff: hnu774j
Ravenclaw: iaestrc
8 Walsh Google Classroom www.classroom.google.com Science 8: qsypfmj
Living Environment: ylmr4bu
8 Schond Google Classroom www.classroom.google.com zufagvl
8 Lois Google Classroom/Website www.classroom.google.com, http://www.mrlois.weebly.com  
8 Synakowksi Google Classroom www.classroom.google.com mzjtfdm
6,7,8 Fresina Google Classroom www.classroom.google.com  j4cz6rx
6,7,8 Marzullo Google Classroom www.classroom.google.com All Signed Up
6,7,8 Cosselman/Shaw Youtube/Phone Calls https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWfj1F4u173es3Zk0RJ7z-A  
6,7,8 Boyer Google Classroom www.classroom.google.com g7i7y3p
6,7,8 Grimshaw Google Classroom www.classroom.google.com g7i7y3p
6,7,8 O'neill/Greene Phone Calls    
6,7,8 Mecum Edmodo www.edmodo.com shscdi
4,5,6,7,8 Paris YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPtrNS4UT2MWwwFQUcbe49g  
All Bonfe Facebook/YouTube https://www.facebook.com/hwsmithschool/  
All Bartlett Phone Calls    
All Drake YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqR7lDj8SWeudcSf1RgA4iA  
All Baez YouTube    
All Mckenna,Colwell,Dejesus YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCASsLznhNenC3m9jky5gwcw  
School News
Looking Ahead: Click Here to Fill Out the Reopening Questionnaire Looking Ahead: Click Here to Fill Out the Reopening Questionnaire: Click Here to Fill Out the Questionnaire As parents, it is your decision to have your PK-8th grade child have 100% virtual learning and not attend school in person. In an effort to best understand your plans for your child, we ask that you fill out this questionnaire and let us know what you plan to do this fall. We have proposed a hybrid educational model for the 2020-21 school year.  We feel this will allow us to open the school year in the safest way possible for all students, ... more >>
HW Smith Building Women Group Teaches Teamwork, Empowerment HW Smith Building Women Group Teaches Teamwork, Empowerment: Young ladies at HW Smith have been building their self-worth, teamwork and leadership skills – and improving the school – thanks to a Building Women group. Offered through Peaceful Schools, the group provides regular enrichment to girls in grades four through eight.   Currently in its second year at HW Smith, Building Women meets every other day. Over the course of the school year, the girls focus on seven areas of wellness: intellectual, financial, physical, emotional, social, ... more >>

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Important Information

Student and Family Supports are Available!
The SCSD has many academic, social, emotional and mental health supports available to students. School social workers can help connect you and your child to in school and/or out of school supports that meet your needs. Please call us at (315) 435-4490 and ask to speak with a Social Worker for more information and assistance.


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7th Grade Reflection Log
Teach Your Monster to Read (2nd Grade)
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