Frazer PreK – 8

William Mecum

Bruno Primerano
Vice Principal

Diane Vitello
Vice Principal

Latrina Brumfield
Vice Principal

DASA Coordinators:
Diane Vitello
Kristin Moses
Joy Yoffa


741 Park Ave., 
Syracuse, NY 13204



Main Office: (315) 435-4555
Nurse's Office: (315) 435-4104
Guidance Office: (315) 435-4905


8:00 AM-3:30 PM


School News
Improvement in SCSD Schools Recognized by NYS: The State Education Department recently released performance data for SCSD schools in receivership. The data, from the 2015-16 school year, showed all 9 of our receivership schools making Demonstrable Improvement. Notable highlights vary by school but include things like an increase in standardized test performance, decrease in the number of suspensions, increase in graduation rate, drop in the number of serious incidents and more.   Overall, SCSD schools met or exceeded 69 percent of ... more >>
SCSD Students Learn Fire Safety in Junior Fire Marshal Program: Thanks to a Junior Fire Marshal program through The Hartford Financial Services Group, SCSD students in kindergarten through third grade will receive a special Junior Fire Marshal kit to help them learn about fire safety. The kit includes red fire helmets, an educator and parent guide and coloring posters to introduce students to fire safety concepts.   Through the program, students will learn about stop, drop and roll; go low in smoke; drawing a home fire escape plan and more. The Hartford ... more >>
Urban Fellowship Program Increases Diversity Among SCSD Staff: When she heard about the Urban Fellowship Program, Sheleia Horton was a Teaching Assistant in the SCSD, having only recently completed a Master’s in Education from SUNY Oswego.   “I wish the program had been around before I spent all that money on my degree at Oswego!” she exclaimed.   The SCSD Urban Fellowship Program was created to ensure that our faculty better represents the diversity of our student body. In exchange for a five-year commitment to teach in ... more >>
SCSD Students Learn Strategy through Chess Clubs: For many students, the end of the school day means a chance to let loose—to be loud, to get outside and to run around. But at Ed Smith, HW Smith, ITC and Nottingham, students from kindergarten through high school spend the first of their after school hours sitting quietly in classrooms or libraries, focusing intently on the game of chess. Frazer students spend their enrichment period one to two days a week doing the same.   At Ed Smith, the Chess Club has grown from a 6-8 student ... more >>
Frazer Students Explore Rockets Through Cross-Curricular Study: 3, 2, 1, Blastoff!   In math class, Frazer sixth graders learned about how to measure the height a rocket reaches after launch. In social studies, they learned about the history of rockets. In technology, they got to build their own rockets, complete with engines, and prepare them for launch.   “I usually try to incorporate bottle rockets into my class each year,” Technology teacher Scott Daley explained. “This year, I wanted to incorporate other teachers and ... more >>

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