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District News

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Board of Education to Host Virtual Monthly Meeting 4/15 Board of Education to Host Virtual Monthly Meeting 4/15: (4/9/20) The Board of Education of the Syracuse City School District will hold its regular scheduled business meeting on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 at 4:00 p.m .  The meeting will be conducted electronically , no physical attendance by members of the public is permitted.  Instructions on how to ...
NYSED Guidance Regarding June 2020 Regents Exams NYSED Guidance Regarding June 2020 Regents Exams: (4/7/20) The New York State Board of Regents and the State Education Department announced this week the cancellation of June 2020 Regents exams.    According to the New York State Department of Education , all students currently enrolled in grades 7-12 who were intending to participate in a Regents ...
SCSD Schools to Remain Closed Until April 29th SCSD Schools to Remain Closed Until April 29th: (4/6/20) On April 6, 2020, Governor Cuomo announced that all schools in New York State will be closed until April 29th.   In addition, the Board of Regents announced that June Regents exams have been cancelled. The State will be issuing more guidance on that on April 7th, and as soon as we have ...
Thoughtful Thursday   |   April 9, 2020 Thoughtful Thursday | April 9, 2020: (4/9/20) Kudos During this time of so much uncertainty, it becomes important to take time to recognize the people in your life that you are grateful for. Gratitude helps us deal with toxic emotions, feel more positive emotions, and build stronger relationships with people. Research often associates the ...
Why Should I? Wednesday   |   April 8, 2020 Why Should I? Wednesday | April 8, 2020: (4/3/20) Road to Success Think about the following quote: “The road to success is always under construction.” What does the road to success mean? Why do you think this ‘road’ is always under construction? Now watch the short clip below.     Think about ...
Tune in Tuesday   |   April 7, 2020 Tune in Tuesday | April 7, 2020: (4/3/20) The Time Machine Times change.  Spend some time with your child discussing toys that you remember playing with when you were a child.  Watch the video.  Then, talk about the different toys and objects shown in the video.  Ask you child what his/her favorite toys are, and ...
Mindfulness Monday   |  April 6, 2020 Mindfulness Monday | April 6, 2020: (4/3/20) 3-Minute Body Scan Our bodies are really good at storing up the emotions that we don’t always notice. Practice this 3-minute body scan to get in touch with your body, let go of feelings of worry, and release pent-up emotions. How does your body feel different after the body ...
Family Fun Friday   |   April 3, 2020 Family Fun Friday | April 3, 2020: (3/26/20) Musical Statues Moving together as a family can be so much fun!  And since the weather is so unpredictable this time of year, you can take this game inside, or out!  While playing music, everyone will dance around to the beat (for fast songs... dance fast!  For slow songs... slow ...
Thoughtful Thursday   |   April 2, 2020 Thoughtful Thursday | April 2, 2020: (3/26/20) Say Something How can we share our kind thoughts and ideas with others?  Say Something! Click the link below to listen to the book Say Something by Peter H. Reynolds.      Then, go out and SAY SOMETHING kind to a loved one through words, pictures or actions!  ...
Why Should I? Wednesday   |   April 1, 2020 Why Should I? Wednesday | April 1, 2020: (3/26/20) Own Your Actions “It’s not my fault!” “She did it first!” These are just excuses, which stop us from taking responsibility for something we did, or should have done. But, part of being a responsible member of your family and your community is to own your actions.  ...
Tune in Tuesday   |   March 31, 2020 Tune in Tuesday | March 31, 2020: (3/26/20) The Worry Machine Worry can be a really big feeling.  We worry about our families, our friends, and ourselves.  And when our worry gets too big, it can be very overwhelming.  Organizing your thinking when it comes to what you worry about can be helpful!  Click the link to hear ...
Mindfulness Monday   |   March 30, 2020 Mindfulness Monday | March 30, 2020: (3/26/20) Belly Breathing During stressful times or in moments of intense emotion, young people may not have the coping skills to calm themselves. It is important that we teach the skills, model for them, and practice with them too!  Diaphragmatic breathing, also known as “belly breathing”, ...
Family Fun Friday   |   March 27, 2020 Family Fun Friday | March 27, 2020: (3/25/20) Pillow Fort Fun Get ready to build! Gather all the pillows, blankets, and couch cushions you can find to build a castle right inside your own home.  Add a doorway, windows… maybe even come up with a secret password.  Top it off with some flashlights and a few good books to read ...
Thoughtful Thursday   |   March 26, 2020 Thoughtful Thursday | March 26, 2020: (3/25/20) First Class Kindness With health concerns threatening our communities, social distancing can create an increased sense of loneliness.  For example, residents in nursing homes are not able to visit with family and friends, which can have a significant impact on their emotional well-being.  ...
Why Should I? Wednesday   |   March 25, 2020 Why Should I? Wednesday | March 25, 2020: (3/24/20) The Dilemma: Cheating What’s the difference between cheating on a math test and lying about your age in order to save money on a movie ticket?  Use the link below to read about Brendan and the confusion he experiences when he is caught in a lie.  Discussion Starter: Bendan's ...
Tune in Tuesday   |   March 24, 2020 Tune in Tuesday | March 24, 2020: (3/24/20) Keep Your Hands to Yourself Kids love to be social and play games together, but sometimes not everyone is happy with how others are playing.  It’s important that they have the skills and language to communicate with one another when something makes them uncomfortable.  Watch ...
Mindfulness Monday   |   March 23, 2020 Mindfulness Monday | March 23, 2020: (3/24/20) Stop, Breathe, and Think (there’s an App for that!) Screen time, like video games and YouTube, can be the opposite of mindfulness.  But that doesn’t mean you have to ignore your phone entirely.  Some apps focus on teaching the value of mindful behavior, such as the Stop, ...
CSE Meetings Cancelled through April 13th CSE Meetings Cancelled through April 13th: (3/17/20) Attention, Families: All CSE meetings scheduled between 3/18/20 – 4/13/20 are cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date. If you have questions, please email
Tips for Talking to Kids about COVID-19 Tips for Talking to Kids about COVID-19: (3/17/20) As public conversations around coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) increase, children may worry about themselves, their family, and friends getting ill with COVID-19. Parents, family members, school staff, and other trusted adults can play an important role in helping children make sense of what they ...
SCSD Schools to Close at 4 pm Monday, 3/16/20 SCSD Schools to Close at 4 pm Monday, 3/16/20: (3/16/20) Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon has announced that due to the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Onondaga County, all schools in the County, including the Syracuse City School District, will be closed at the conclusion of school TODAY, Monday, March 16, 2020. There will be no after school activities ...

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