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Our mission, as the HUNTINGTON PreK-8 School, as an educational center, is to ensure that all students work cooperatively to problem-solve, embrace diversity, master defined skills and demonstrate perseverance and personal accountability. This is accomplished by providing equitable opportunities through excellence in teaching and learning with a collaborative effort among students, staff, parents and community, in a safe, supportive environment.

Climate Survey


November 2016

From the Desk of Principal Harlow,


Over the past several weeks, there has been a rise in bullying incidents at Huntington School. These incidents have caused us to re-examine our school policies and practices regarding bullying. While we have in place class-wide and school-wide expectations for behavior (PBIS and our Panther Pride words), we still need to develop a more comprehensive plan of anti-bullying practices and interventions. Currently we have a process for investigating and reporting bullying incidents, per the Dignity for All Students Act, and we have consequences in place for bullying behavior. The needs of the bullied are also addressed. Last year the SCSD implemented Restorative Justice as a strategy for conflict resolution, and all Huntington School staff have been trained in these practices. Restorative practices focus on repairing the harm that was done as opposed to solely penalizing students for their actions. Restorative practices work to change the climate at schools in hopes of reducing bullying, intimidation, and other harmful and hateful behaviors. The goal of these practices is to build relationships and foster a climate of respect and tolerance for one another. Lastly, victims of school bullying need social skills training programs which help them effectively respond to bullying behavior. Staff at Huntington are helping to improve our students’ ability to respond appropriately, manage, and to cope with such stressful events as bullying.

Working in partnership with parents and the community, Huntington School aims to increase awareness of bullying (and cyber-bullying) and its negative effects on students and the entire school climate and culture.

Huntington School is developing a comprehensive awareness campaign targeting students, parents, staff, and community members with anti-bullying messages with the goal of creating a “single school culture”.

Recommendations for Consequences (aligned with the SCSD Code of Conduct, Character, and Support)
1. FIRST OFFENSE: parent notification, restorative conference (if appropriate), lunch detention

2. SECOND OFFENSE: Parent conference, restorative conference (if appropriate), counseling, loss of school privileges, exclusion from school-sponsored activities, in-school suspension.

3. THIRD OFFENSE: all of the above, including out-of-school suspension and, depending on incident, referral to a Superintendent’s Formal Hearing
The following steps have been or will be taken:
At the school level:
• increased supervision in the cafeteria
hallways, bathrooms, and on the playground
• recognition of bystanders
• ongoing meetings between parents and
school staff.
• discussions of bullying issues at regularly
scheduled PTO meetings.

At the classroom level:
• activities that promote kindness,
communication, cooperation, and friendship.
• class rules against bullying. Rules should be
brief and clear:
1. We will not bully other students.
2. We will try to help students who are
3. We will include students who might be
left out.
• immediate consequences for aggressive
behavior. Possible sanctions include having
the bully:
1. apologize and restore, repair the
2. discuss the incident with the teacher,
social worker, BIC or ISS teacher,
administrator, and/or parents;
3. spend time in the BIC or ISS room or
another classroom;
4. forfeit recess or other privileges.
• weekly meetings to communicate to students
clear and consistently enforced expectations
and to engage them as resources in
preventing bullying behavior.
• ongoing communication with parents
At the individual level:
• meetings with the parents of bullies and
• role playing of non-aggressive behavior
with bullies.
• role playing of assertive behavior with

Staff will:
-Remind all students about school and
classroom rules, reiterate what behavior is
expected, and discuss sanctions that will be
imposed for future bullying behavior.
-Reassure the victim that everything
possible will be done to prevent a
-Make other students aware of the
consequences of bullying behavior and
encourage students to stand up for victims
-Phone the parents of both the bully and
the victim as soon as possible. If possible,
involve the parents in designing a plan of
-Continue to monitor the behavior of the
bully and the safety of the victim.

Parents can play a central role in preventing
bullying and stopping it when it happens.
Help us stop bullying together!
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