Dr. King Elementary School


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Andrea Ellis-Smith
Vice Principals
Sherri Finch
Administrative Intern
Kuricheses Alexander
DASA Coordinators
Toni Singleton
School Address
416 E. Raynor Ave. |
Syracuse, NY 13202
Main Office
(315) 435-4580
Nurse's Office
(315) 435-4584
School Hours 
8:50 AM-4:00 PM


Dr. King Elementary school is dedicated to being a safe, orderly, and nurturing learning environment where students, staff and families hold high expectations that all children can learn. Our staff is committed to creating a standards-based environment where students experience rigorous lessons while learning perseverance and responsibility.


Every day, every child, high expectations

Greetings Dr. King Families:

It is my pleasure to welcome you back as we embark upon the official 2018-2019 SCSD School Year!  We are quite excited to once again see the beautiful faces of our children. A warm welcome is also extended to our new staff members who are joining the Dr. King family!  The grade level teams and support staff have been hard at work preparing for the arrival of your child, and knowing the ultimate success of the work underway begins with reviewing our strategic plan, revisiting our goals and working with our parents to monitoring and collectively achieving our targets for all students.

If you haven’t already, please mark your calendars and join us for Open House, scheduled on Thursday, August 30th from 2p- 4p. We welcome you to visit with us and engage with school staff and your child’s teacher in preparation for the opening of school on September 6, 2018.  Although students have been tentatively placed, please remember that we may have to move students should classes become overcrowded.  While we will safeguard against that, the student registration process is on-going. 

It is the goal of our dedicated Dr. King staff to continue the rewarding work around creating a vibrant school climate, a rigorous and personalized curriculum, furthering students’ ownership and deep knowledge of their goals, and further extending our community partnerships. We are in our 3rd year of the school’s strategic plan, which was unveiled in 2016, and ensuring all stakeholders are again focused on our tiered goal system will be extremely important this year.
I want to thank our children and the families who took advantage of our summer school program and also the 360+ families who attended this summer’s Community Carnival.  The numbers for summer school were some of the highest in the district! This further proves and affirms your commitment to education and for that we thank you! Once our NYSED scores are received, we will be specifically calculating the progress of our summer school students and isolating those numbers against the overall school achievements.  –There is so much to be said and this conversation I hope to continue with each of you through our PTO and CET meetings held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month beginning at 9:30a. For now, it is important to remember that we are here for you!  We are a uniformed school, and we are dedicated to showing individual student and overall school-wide growth as we continue to execute our strategic plan, which will be the focus of our first PTO and CET meeting on Wednesday, September 12th . 

By working together as parents and educators, I deeply know and feel we are committed to this process as life-long learners and partners in the education of our children.

See you soon! 

Principal Ellis Smith and the Dr. King Family


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