Grant Middle School

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Bruno Primerano
Vice Principal
David Guertin
Danya Snihur
DASA Coordinators
Danya Snihur
Lindsey Baracco
School Address 
2400 Grant Blvd. |
Syracuse, NY 13208
School Hours 
7:50 AM - 3:10 PM 
Main Office
(315) 435-4433
Nurse's Office
(315) 435-4134
Guidance Office
(315) 435-4433
School Based Health Center
(315) 435-4040





Principal Primerano's Welcome to the GMS Families

Dear Grant Gator Families,
I hope that you are all enjoying a wonderful summer filled with quality time and relaxation.  We are excited about our Gator scholars returning to school for a successful school year. We are experiencing many changes at Grant, from personnel changes to the actual physical plant. Our new leadership team has worked diligently to revise our school-wide systems, improve our procedures so that we can maximize our student achievement, and continue to build a positive school culture.
We revised our school vision to make sure it included all the important aspects of a positive and successful school community:

To provide a safe, collaborative, engaging learning environment where attention is given to individuals, and students are encouraged to take academic risks through the development of healthy relationships.

If you have driven by Grant you have noticed many changes taking place outside and even inside the building. The façade of the building is being restored to repair crumbling brick and concrete. The parking lot behind the building is being repaved, and a new parking lot for parents and visitors is being constructed on the corner of Grant and Kirkpatrick. Inside the building, students and staff are going to have new bathrooms upon returning to school. In addition, the main office is being moved to the front of the building (on Grant Blvd) as well as our single point of entry (planned completion is tentatively in October). Finally, our library is being completely renovated and is planned to be completed by November. The overall renovation project will be completed by the fall of 2019.
Important Announcements:
Administrative Supervision:  We have assigned administrative offices to ensure Gator leaders are positioned around the building to support the needs of students and teachers: Principal Primerano will lead the entire building and work with our 8th grade scholars, Vice Principal Guertin will lead the 7th grade scholars, and Vice Principal Snihur will lead the 6th grade scholars. We will all support students in meeting the Code of Conduct. We believe these changes will allow for more clear communication between families and school because all stakeholders will know who to contact as issues arise.

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Location:  All parent(s)/guardian(s)/families will be asked to drop off and pick up their students in the front of our school on Grant Blvd.  This helps us maximize the safety and efficiency of buses arriving and leaving school.  Cars will not be permitted to drop off or pick up students in the main school parking lot.  Breakfast at school will begin at 7:35 a.m. and students should arrive at school by 7:45 a.m. with first period beginning at 7:50 a.m.
Grant Website:  Please check out our school’s website for updates on the happenings and celebrations at Grant each month.  Please also follow Grant on Facebook and Twitter to see all the great things that will be happening all school year.
Grant Academic Teams: We have restructured our teams to partner with SUNY Schools that will be accessible to Gator Scholars:

  • Team Cortland- 6th Grade, Team Leader Ms. Stagnitta

  • Team Oswego- 6th Grade, Team Leader Ms. Marcely

  • Team Geneseo- 7th Grade, Team Leader Ms. Vincent

  • Team Morrisville- 7th/8th Grade, Team Leader Ms. Kiley

  • Team Binghamton- 8th Grade, Team Leader Mr. McDonald

Grant Attire:  We are aware that many parents are shopping for school clothes.  Please remember students can dress to express one’s personality as it does not distract/disrupt the learning environment.  All students should wear pants or shorts that are knee length and below. Tank tops should have a strap that is at least two fingers in width.  Girls can wear skirts that are knee length or below; no halter tops are allowed. Students can wear hats, scarves, sunglasses, and backpacks to school but these items need to be placed in a locker when they arrive.  Students will not be able to wear these items throughout the school day.
Grant Gator Gear: We encourage our scholars to have pride in our school.  The school will have special events where students and staff will be encouraged to wear their Grant Gator Gear.  All students will receive one Grant Gator Gear t-shirt from the school at the beginning of the school.  
Electronics:  Scholars are encouraged to keep electronic devices at home; there are phones available for use with teacher approval. IF scholars bring electronics to school, they will be immediately turned off before entering the building. Once in class, all electronics must be kept in their locker following the district policy of Off and Invisible. We are asking parents to partner with us by reiterating these expectations at home to ensure a safe and orderly environment at school.

It is an honor to lead a new team and bring a new vision to Grant Middle School.  We look forward to working closely with our families and community to ensure the success of our school and its students.  Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you throughout the year.  

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Mission:  To build, support and sustain a school community that provides all students with a high-quality education that prepares them to graduate as responsible, active, citizens ready for success in college and careers and prepared to compete in a global economy.   

Vision:   To provide a safe, collaborative, engaging learning environment where attention is given to individuals, and students are encouraged to take academic risks through the development of healthy relationships. 


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School News
GMS Replaces Time Capsule GMS Replaces Time Capsule: On March 27, 2019, Grant staff, scholars, and construction crew replaced the time capsule into the date cornerstone of Grant Middle School.  The previous time capsule, which had been placed in the date stone in 1931, was damaged in the restoration of the Grant Middle School facade.  Grant commissioned a new time capsule which was replaced in March.  The new time capsule contained the original artifacts from the 1931 time capsule as well as a variety of Grant Middle School t-shirts, ... more >>
GMS Rocks Central Rock Gym GMS Rocks Central Rock Gym: On Thursday, April 25, 2019, GMS scholars climbed the rock walls at Central Rock Gym.  it pays to behave at GMS! more >>
Social Media and Our Kids Social Media and Our Kids: Please Join Us in a discussion concerning Social Media and Our Kids, on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 from 5:00 - 6:00. Onondaga County DA, Jarrett Woodfork will lead the discussion about the dangers and legalities surrounding social media use with teens and children. DA Woodfork will discuss the challenges our studnts are being fae with due to cyberbullying, the risk of perosnal safety, and the parental roles and responisiblities when these situations occur.   more >>
Grant Students Create Gators Against Violence Coalition Grant Students Create Gators Against Violence Coalition: The Grant Middle School community was struggling as they started the school year. Over the past year, they saw three current or former Grant students lose their lives to violence in the community.   Teacher Sean Macmaster and Social Worker Lindsey Baracco thought students might appreciate an outlet to express their thoughts and feelings, so the Gators Against Violence (GAV) Coalition was formed.   “We see the impact this violence has had on our students and the need for ... more >>
Students Participate in Third Annual SCSD Debate Competition Students Participate in Third Annual SCSD Debate Competition: Middle and high school students from Ed Smith, ELMS, Grant, HW Smith, PSLA at Fowler and Westside Academy at Blodgett recently gathered at Grant Middle School for the third annual SCSD Debate Competition.   The theme of this year’s competition: Next Generation Science Standards. Debate topics ranged from human cloning to vegetarianism to space exploration, government biofuel subsidies and more.   Students were given a topic in advance and prepared to defend both sides of ... more >>

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