Cybersecurity Advisory Council

A student in the Cybersecurity program at the Public Service Leadership Academy will learn how to make online information more secure and protect users from the growing threat of cyber-attacks.  This program teaches the core concepts needed to understand, assess and protect information security systems.  The pathway will cover the four foundation areas of information security:  Networking, operating systems, hardware and systems administration.

Advisory Council members should have expertise in Computer Forensics, Law Enforcement, Computer Systems and Repair, Network Security.

Advisory Council Members
  • Joe Giordano (Utica College)
  • Jay Williams (Parsons Corporation Director of Cyber Security)
  • Andrew Cramer (SCSD Manager of Operations & Programming)
  • Jim Shea (Cyber Defense Institute)
  • Roger Benn (Excellus)
  • Andrew Carr (Utica College)
  • Justin Storms (Onondaga County Center for Forensic Science, Digital Evidence)
  • Peter Smith (Upstate Agency)
  • Zoe Kourlouris (Upstate Agency)