Forensic Science Advisory Council

Students in the Forensic Science pathway at the Public Service Leadership Academy will be exposed to the real, everyday life of a crime scene investigator through class activities, laboratory experiments, case studies, guest speakers, and field trips. Students will learn how forensic scientists collect and document physical evidence, conduct laboratory analysis, and present results during testimony in a court of law.  Students will gain hands on experience processing a crime scene, training law enforcement in evidence recognition and preservation methods, and analyzing physical and chemical evidence. Student will practice scientific procedures and techniques to satisfy the criteria of admissibility established by the judicial system. The course will also teach students how to communicate with forensic experts, interpret evidence, and testify as an expert witness in trials or hearings. 

Advisory Council members should have expertise in forensic science, crime scene investigation, and accident investigation.

Advisory Council
  • Catherine Unger (onondga County Medical Examiner)
  • Melanie Sue Carroll (SUPA)
  • Dr. James Spencer (SUPA)
  • Dr. Michael Sponsler (SUPA)
  • Det Thomas Glauberman (Syracuse Police Department)
  • Samuel VanDee (Wallie Howard Jr. Center for Forensic Sciences)
  • Ronald Brunelli (Onondaga County Health Department)