Law Enforcement Advisory Council

This course has been designed to prepare SCSD students who have identified an interest in all branches of law enforcement.  The program will teach students to react appropriately and professionally to situations where the public might be at risk by man-made or natural emergencies. It aligns closely to the Onondaga Community College Criminal Justice Program.

Advisory Council members should have expertise in law enforcement, homeland security, and disaster management.

Advisory Council Members:
  • Donna Stuccio (OCC)
  • Lt Geno Turo (Syracuse Police Department)
  • Pete Patnode (OCC)
  • Jeremy Cali (Assistant Onondaga County District Attorney)
  • Susan Fennessy (Bryant & Stratton)
  • Officer Daniel Lebron, Jr. (Syracuse University Department of Public Safety)
  • Cpt Joseph Harmon (US Army)
  • Kevin Williams (Onondga County Sheriff's Office)
  • Joe Rinefierd