Clinical Laboratory Technician

Working in an industrial design medical laboratory environment, students enrolled in the Clinical Laboratory Technician program will acquire the knowledge and technical skills that

will prepare them for positions as entry-level laboratory assistants or advanced placement in post-secondary education. Students will gain practical learning experience through scienti c investigations and experiments, as

well as the collection and testing of samples, writing reports and presenting information in a state-of-the-art, high- tech laboratory setting. As a career link, established partnerships with many local businesses and medical facilities provide students with internships

and potential future employment opportunities. In addition, students have the opportunity to earn a Career and Technical Endorsement on their diploma by successfully passing an industry- standard technical assessment.


Clinical Laboratory Technician A.A.S. (SUNY Broome Community College)

Career Opportunities:

Medical Laboratory Technician, Biological Technician, Quality Control Microbiologist, Research Laboratory Technician, Pharmaceutical Laboratory Technician