Social Emotional Learning Tips | Week 6/8

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Mindfulness Monday: Buzzing Bee Breaths

Mindful breathing is a great trick for young people to use when they are having a tough time.  It doesn’t take much time, and it can work wonders for emotional regulation.  When we pay attention to our breathing and “breath on purpose”, the oxygen we take in sends our brains a message that everything is going to be ok. 
"Buzzing Bee Breaths” incorporates fun, effective and diverse breathing “tricks” that go beyond “take a deep breath”.  Follow the instructions below with your child to practice the skill of mindful, deep breathing. 

  1. Take a few, natural breaths
  2. Close your eyes and mouth
  3. Breath in through your nose, keeping your lips tightly sealed.
  4. When you exhale, hum the sound of the letter “M”
  5. Notice how the vibrations feel in your mouth.
  6. Continue humming the “M” sound until you feel the need to inhale again
  7. Repeat this buzzing bee breath several times


Tune In Tuesday: Consequences of Lying

Have you ever lied?  Do you know anyone who has lied to you?  Watch the video about the siblings who always lied.  


And now, retell the story.  What happened when the siblings told their parents about the thieves in their house?  What could happen if you or someone you know lies very often?  Give an example of what you think could happen.

Why Should I? Wednesday: Positive Affirmations 

Positive affirmation is the perfect way to build self-esteem and help you see the best in yourself.  An affirmation is an emotional support or encouragement.  We can always use a little encouragement regardless of what we are dealing with.  For affirmations you can use a mirror in your home or cell phone.  You can also draw a picture of yourself to use for your affirmations.  You can even close your eyes and picture yourself while saying your daily affirmation.
Try to create a special time each day using one of the methods above to say your affirmation.  You can start with “You are, you are, and you are” or “I am, I am, I am” and then fill in the rest with a word that you think describes you.  Here are some words you can fill in:

Generous Silly Loving
Happy Kind Peaceful
Honest Funny The Best
Strong Playful Thoughtful
Joyful Intelligent Brave
Unique Creative Caring
Amazing Aware Athletic
Hardworking Awesome Marvelous
Courageous Energetic Talented
Intelligent Sensible Loyal

You can always come up with your own positive affirmations too.  We hope you can see the best in yourself like we see in all of you.

Thoughtful Thursday: Signs of Positivity

Our local businesses do so much for our communities, from providing us food and flashlights to toys and toilet paper. One simple way to show them our appreciation and support is by making uplifting Signs of Positivity to post on their doors and windows.
So get out your crayons and show off your creativity!  Spend a little bit of time making a sign of thanks for a local business who has gone above and beyond to support our community!

Family Fun Friday: Octopus

This is a game that can be played inside or outside, but it would be more fun outside because you will have more room to run.
This is how you play:
Select an area to be the ocean.
You choose one player to be an Octopus.
The other players line up at one end of the ocean. They will be the Fish.
The Octopus stands in the middle of the ocean and calls out OCTOPUS.
The Fish try to run across the ocean as the Octopus tries to tag them. If tagged, the Fish become Seaweed. Keeping 1 foot planted. The Seaweed then will try to reach out and tag the Fish running by, turning those players into Seaweed as well.
Once the Fish reach the other side, the Octopus calls out OCTOPUS a second time and the crossing contest starts all over again.
The game continues until all the Fish become Seaweed. The last Fish tagged becomes the new Octopus.


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