Our Reopening Fall 2020 Plan

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SCSD is committed to giving students a rigorous, welcoming, and personalized educational experience and aims to make curricular adjustments to do such in both an in-person and remote learning environment. SCSD will provide teachers, parents, and students the resources necessary to continue learning in a flexible environment. 


Assessing Student Gaps

Use STAR and additional diagnostic assessments to identify key skills. Provide flexibility on how students are able to demonstrate mastery. Use pre-assessments to consider shifts in instruction needed to personalize learning for students. Empower families to support assessment and grading. (Top)


Ensure access to high-quality curriculum and instruction that meets their individual student  learning needs. District will secure and distribute computing devices and hot spots. (Top)

Culturally Responsive Instruction

Incorporation of best practices into instruction for all students in order to reflect cultural values and support deeper learning of all students.Classroom and building wide environments will reflect multiple cultures that represent our students and their families. Provision of culturally responsive  pedagogy (elevating student voice and choice) and resources (texts and tasks). (Top)

Flexible Instructional Models

  • Creation of a dynamic master schedule that reflects specific interventions and is integrated across curricula and infused with Project-Based Learning.
  • Develop and implement a blended model of teaching and learning
  • Intentional creation of professional development for teachers to support differentiated instruction, co-teaching, and remote learning (coherent instruction across in-person and remote environments).
  • Design flexible opportunities for students to engage in class, including both online and offline tools
  • Design flexible schedules to accommodate all students needs
  • Design high-quality learning experiences for students

Proposed Schedules

The 2020-21 school year is expected to begin September 8, 2020, with a hybrid learning model for the first quarter. The hybrid model would prioritize a 2/1/2 schedule for pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade students and 100% remote instruction for High School students. It is the goal of SCSD to revisit state guidance, health considerations, community feedback, and teacher input in October to plan for a phased and complete return to in-person instruction. 
PK-8: Hybrid Instruction

This model would divide students in grades pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade into two cohorts. One cohort of students would attend in-person classes on Monday and Tuesday, with the other cohort of students attending in-person classes on Thursday and Friday. All students would receive remote instruction when not attending in-person classes. All buildings will be closed for in-person instruction on Wednesdays and undergo deep cleaning and sanitation on this day. 
High School: Remote Instruction

This model would include 100% remote instruction each day of the week for students in grades 9-12. 
Special Education

Special Education students and other diverse populations of student groups requiring more support, as feasible, will receive some in-person services.