Webster Students Examine Water Quality through Save the Rain Program

     Published on 6/25/15   Tagged under:    District News   

Four 3rd grade classes from Webster Elementary visited Elmwood Park as part of the Baltimore Woods “Save the Rain” program. The students learned about green infrastructure and benthic aquatic invertebrates, and then trudged through the park’s stream to put their lessons to the test.
Students searched under rocks in the stream and used nets to collect sediment and creatures that they examined to determine if their catches were native to clean water or dirty water. Their trip was a success, with each class examining a variety of creatures, from fish to crayfish and more!
“Goodbye, my little fish friends!” exclaimed one young girl as her classmates’ creatures were returned to their natural habitat at the end of the lesson.
Thank you to Baltimore Woods Nature Center for creating such an exciting lesson for these students!

'Walk' through the students' field trip by clicking through our Flickr album! >>>