SCSD Students Save Energy in Schools on 'Phantom Friday'

     Published on 11/6/15   Tagged under:    District News   

Students across the Syracuse City School District helped reduce their carbon footprint and reduce energy usage by unplugging devices that are not in use.
As part of the KiloWatch program, implemented by Energy Training Solutions, students learned about phantom energy: energy consumed even when a device is turned off. At Roberts, Ed Smith, H.W. Smith, ELMS, Frazer, Danforth and others, students became energy stewards for the day.
“On Phantom Friday, students learned about how some appliances use energy when they are turned off and how to manage that power use with power strips,” Todd Rogers at Energy Training Solutions explained. “It gives teachers students and staff one simple thing they can do and creates a focus around this particular behavioral action. Hopefully it becomes a habit!”
As students learned about how much energy devices can use even while not in use, one student exclaimed, “It’s like an energy vampire!”
Using a device that measured how much energy a device consumed, students rotated through their classrooms checking how the energy use differed when devices like lamps, computers, a smart board, refrigerator and microwave were on, off or in sleep mode.
H.W. Smith seventh grader Meris Jusic noted, “About 50 watts are used when the computer is on, but about 1 watt is used when it’s off. So, if we want to save the most energy, we need to turn it off or unplug it!”
As the year progresses, students will be asked to measure energy usage in their homes, KiloWatch instructor Krystal White explained. “You will be able to use this data to see how many kilowatts are used per year, and that can be translated to money,” she said. “You will be able to see how much you can save at home by reducing phantom energy.” She noted that electricity bills could be reduced by as much as 10 percent just by unplugging household appliances and devices when not in use.
For H.W. Smith seventh grader Rawri Da, the lessons he learned on Phantom Friday will continue outside of the classroom. “I learned that energy can still be used when a device is off, so you have to unplug your devices or use a power strip,” he said. “I want to do this at home now!”
Thank you to our students for their interest in creating a more energy efficient school environment!