Students Take Part in Shareformances in Partnership with Redhouse Arts Center

     Published on 11/24/15   Tagged under:    District News   

Students at Dr. King, Porter, Van Duyn, Frazer, Seymour and Bellevue enjoyed taking part in their first “Shareformance” as part of an extended learning time partnership with Redhouse Arts Center.
Leading up to the Shareformance, kindergarten students learned about patterns, while first graders learned about nouns and verbs and creating simple sentences. Second graders learned about the 50 states, third graders learned about the rainforest, fourth graders learned about solids, liquids and gases and fifth graders learned about fractions.
As they were cheered on by their classmates, teachers and family members, students walked a catwalk and posed in clothing they designed themselves, with each item representing these concepts they learned about in school. Kindergarten students, for instance, had patterns on their shirts like “AABB” or “ABC,” while fourth graders designed a cape for a solid, liquid or gas ‘superhero!’
“The idea with all of our curriculum is that we aren't merely teaching art for arts sake—not that there is anything wrong with that—but we are reinforcing STEM subjects through the arts,” explained Natalie Pertz, SCSD teaching fellow and Assistant Building Lead at Frazer. “What I love about this curriculum is that it excites students about learning in a different, hands-on on, kinesthetic and tangible way.”
Students designed their tshirts, hats and gloves and then took part in the shareformances to share their work with their school community while facing the fear that sometimes comes with performing—in a fun way.
“My state was California, so I made birds out of feathers and used lots of colors on my shirt!” Frazer second grader Mike’Asia Gainey explained.

“I studied the resplendent quetzal, a bird in Central America,” Frazer third grader Br’Yani Morris explained. “I wrote the bird’s name and I drew trees and the canopy. Performing was very fun and a little scary, but I’d do it again. It was fun to put on a performance for other people!”
Ms. Pertz said this excitement and confidence were key takeaways from the Shareformances. “Because so much of this unit was an individual project, I saw a number of my previously introverted students work hard and design projects they were incredibly proud of,” she recalled. “This led to a newfound confidence as they shared their work on that runway in front of their peers.”
As Frazer second grader Yarielis Serrano exclaimed, “Everyone was awesome!”
Thank you to all the SCSD students who took part in the Shareformances at their schools, and to Redhouse staff for continuing to engage students in creative ways!