Lori S. Herne
Mohawk Wolf Clan

Program Facilitator

Kathleen Thomas
Onondaga - Snipe Clan

Program Instructor
220 West Kennedy St 
c/o Beard School
Syracuse NY 13205

ATTN: Native American Education
1025 Erie Blvd.
Syracuse, NY 13204
(315) 435-4288


About the Program

The Title VII Native American Education Program originated in the early 1970s. It is federally funded and designed to help Native American students increase their academic success in school.

Parents must register students through certification of their tribal enrollment in order to participate in the program. Click here to download the registration form. If you need any help with this form please contact the Native American Education Program office at 435-4288, we are always willing to help.

Students do best when they are given support and encouragement, and when they are expected to do well by their families, schools, and community. The Native American Education Program offers support to students through:

Program Staff

The Program Facilitator and Program Instructor go into the schools to:

  • Hold classes on a regular basis to develop cultural knowledge and academic skills
  • Meet individually with students
  • Track student attendance records
  • Meet with building personnel for assistance with providing additional services


The Parent Student Committee meets on a regular basis and works with the Program Facilitator and staff to monitor students’ needs and progress.


The Native American community sponsors and assists with cultural events such as traditional social dances, dinners, and fundraisers.


The program seeks volunteers to share their time, skills, and talents with our students or assisting with community events.


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