ITC Shoots for Greater Heights!

     Published on 6/8/16   Tagged under:    Extra-Curricular    ITC   

Two teams from ITC competed in the 2016 MOST Rocket team Challenge at Syracuse University’s Skytop field this past weekend. 60 teams from all over Central New York competed to see who had the best rocket.

Teams were judged on the quality of their construction, knowledge of the subject, how well they estimated their trajectory, and whether or not their “eggstronaut” survived its ride into the sky.

Team y=f(x) was made up of The Ngo, Jackie Duong and Ahmed Althour and their rocket reached a height of 677 feet.

Team Zulu Nation consisted of Tran Ngo, Trang Nguyen, Taquan Miller and Phuong Nguyen and their rocket soared to 740 feet.

The teams worked hard for 3 weeks designing, assembling, and painting the rockets. For the competition each team had to apply their math skills to predict the height the rocket would reach and answer questions during an interview. If their design allowed their “eggstronaut” to survive the journey, the teams would score extra points.

A special thank you to Mr. Kunnath for advising the teams, and to Ms. Alfieri for helping and providing art supplies.

Click here to see more pictures from the event on the We Are ITC Facebook page.