Extended Learning Time Partner: Redhouse

The Redhouse Mission

Redhouse is a nonprofit, multi-arts organization dedicated to interdisciplinary works in the theatre, music and visual arts. In addition, the organization is a regional provider of community-based arts education, with an emphasis on providing artistic experience for at-risk youth, individuals with disabilities and families in need. We reach these populations through our public programs and community engagement initiatives by partnering with community organizations such as Syracuse City School District, Hillside Family of Agencies, Arc of Onondaga, Elmcrest Children’s Center and Golisano Children’s Hospital, among others. We are constantly growing and expanding in order to have the greatest possible impact on our city.


Core Curriculum Through the Arts

Teaching artists trained in dance, music, drama, and design from around the country work to empower students to collaborate, create, problem solve, and
communicate as they create works of art that are shared with their peers, school communities, parents, and the community-at-large in school wide
celebrations called "shareformances." Using project-based and immersive learning styles, students participate in 8 arts based units to engage, apply, and
reinforce language arts, math, science, and social studies standards. Students will learn and develop arts-based skills in tandem with 21st century and social
emotional skills as they continue through the program year to year. Our units are designed to meet the NYS standards of learning for the core curriculum and the national standards of performing arts. Technology is incorporated into all units in order to help students overcome the digital divide and prepare them for future careers that involve an understanding of technology and its collaborative components. Writing components based directly on the work of Lucy Calkins are integrated throughout the school year in order to create seamlessness between enrichment time and school district literacy initiatives.

Frazer Highlights for 2016-17

  • Students at Frazer Elementary participated in and created props for Redhouse’s annual touring Production of The Plant that Ate Dirty Socks!


  • Percussion: Students study the elements of rhythm and music, while creating projects to apply their knowledge. These projects include beatboxing music tracks, step/stomp dancing, morse code writing, and more.
  • Costume Design: In each grade level, students design a costume for the runway based on a core subject studied in class. The states of matter, ancient civilizations, rainforest animals, etc.
  • Film: Students work collaboratively to create documentaries based on historical events or learn the power of persuasive writing through creating commercials to sell famous inventions!
  • Backstage Bootcamp: Students are put to work and create the set and props for Redhouse’s winter tour. They get to learn about vocational careers in the arts and see their hard work onstage when the tour comes to their school.
  • Multicultural Folktales: Students study types of theatre and storytelling from around the world and the cultures that inspired these stories.
  • Movement and Dance: Students study a different genre of dance at each grade level, building upon their knowledge of dance history and development.
  • Music Video Production: Students learn the ins and outs of technology and how to apply what they have learned in the film unit to produce their own music video.
  • Shakespeare: Students study The Bard, theatre history, and put on many of his works for their family and friends.