Teen Book Fiends visit WCNY studios

     Published on 3/22/17   Tagged under:    Academics    Danforth Magnet School   

Teen Book Fiends from Danforth and Ed Smith visited WCNY Monday and did book interviews with the CTE students from OCM-BOCES. Thanks to Debbie Stack and Kathy Labulis. "Information comes in all forms and is shared across many different platforms today. We have books in print, on tablets and i-readers, audio books (and services like WCNY’s ReadOut Radio), and books made into films. And people talk about books, which is a really interesting phenomenon, and which we will be doing today. But no matt...er how a book is delivered, reading and writing is still important. And even though we have lots of “technology” today to share information, in order to use the technology we have to read; in order to produce films, tv shows, radio shows – we have to read and write; in order to learn how to do our jobs – we have to read. Without these critical skills, coupled with communication, little can be done in the world. Technology provides opportunities to deliver content in different ways – but it does not take the place of content and skills like reading and writing."