Purchasing Department
Suzanne Slack
Chief Financial Officer

Julie Eurenius

Andrew Trombley
Director, Onondaga County Division of Purchase
John Daws
Central Stores and Mail Manager

Don Carr
Purchasing Analyst

Daniel Hammer
Deputy Director, Onondaga County Division of Purchase
Onondaga County Division of Purchase
John H. Mulroy Civic Center
13th Floor

421 Montgomery Street
Syracuse, NY 13202
P:  (315) 435-3458
F:  (315) 435-3424

The Syracuse City School District and the Onondaga County Division of Purchase have entered into an Inter Municipal Agreement consolidating purchasing services effective July 1, 2015.  The agreement provided for the transfer of personnel, function and services from the School District to the Onondaga County Division of Purchase.  Below you will find the new contact information.  All inquiries should now be directed to the Onondaga County Division of Purchase.


 Office Location and Mailing Address:
 Onondaga County
 Division of Purchase
 John H. Mulroy Civic Center, 13th Floor
 421 Montgomery Street
 Syracuse, NY 13202

 Purchasing Contact:
 Phone: (315) 435-3458
 Fax: (315) 435-3424

 Monday – Friday
 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Ship to Address:
 SCSD Bova Supply Center
 1023 Erie Blvd. West
 Syracuse, NY 13204

 Bova Warehouse Contact:
 Phone: (315) 435-4422
 Fax: (315) 435-4002

 Hours of Operation:
 Monday – Friday
 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Onondaga County Division of Purchase Mission Statement:  The Division of Purchase supports Onondaga County, City of Syracuse and Syracuse City School District operations by providing the right goods and services at the right time and at the right price and thereby providing quality service to its departmental customers and the residents of Onondaga County.

Onondaga County Division of Purchase - Purchasing Office Staff

Valerie Gould
Buyer III
(315) 435-3209  

James Jackson
Buyer II
(315) 435-3415

Cory Larrabee
Buyer II
(315) 435-5063
Jodi Reith
Buyer II
(315) 435-3448
Tierza Sovocool           
Buyer II
(315) 435-3475
Brian Chairmonte
Buyer I 
(315) 435-5064  
Beverley Chapman
Buyer I
(315) 435-3474
Stephanie Cunningham
Buyer I
(315) 435-3471
Elizabeth Florack
Buyer I
(315) 435-3466
Julie McCarthy
Buyer I
(315) 435-3470  
Alycia Guy
Purchasing Clerk
(315) 435-3458
Rene VanCleef
Purchasing Clerk
(315) 435-3504  
James Corbett
Spec Writer l
(315) 435-3472


Herman Howard
Director Contract Compliance
(315) 435-8462
Tajuana Cerutti
Deputy Director Contract Compliance
(315) 435-5065
James Swan
Warehouse Manager
(315) 435-2249


Bova Warehouse Staff

Don Carr

John Daws

Deanne Dwyer
Purchasing Analyst Central Stores & Mail Manager Purchasing Clerk
(315) 435-4201 (315) 435-4422 (315) 435-5853
DCarr2@scsd.us JDaws@scsd.us DDwyer@scsd.us
Gerald Lavy, Jr. (Jerry) Phuong Huynh Brian Hammond
Stock Clerk Stock Attendant Stock Attendant
(315) 435-5953 (315) 435-5952 (315) 435-5955
GLavyJr@scsd.us PHuynh48@scsd.us BHammond@scsd.us
John Pawelek John Walsh Vincent Zoll
Stock Attendant Stock Attendant Stock Attendant
(315) 435-5957 (315) 435-5954 (315) 435-5956
JPawelek@scds.us JWalsh@scsd.us VZoll@scsd.us
Richard Cooper, Jr. Justin Richardson Kyle Tape
Driver Messenger Driver Messenger Driver Messenger
(315) 243-9849 (315) 251-5366 (315) 247-9321
RCooperJr@scsd.us JRichardson@scsd.us KTape@scsd.us
Adam Phillips    
Driver Messenger    
(315) 877-5616    

Requisition Entry Training

New staff responsible for requisition entry should plan to attend a training session to learn requisition entry procedures. Please coordinate with your Supervisor and Co-workers to select the best time to ensure workflow needs are met and office coverage is maintained. Requisition entry training sessions are held in the computer lab at the Professional Development Center located at 1005 West Fayette Street.
To register for a training session or to schedule an individual training session, please contact:
Chris Komar, Systems Training Assistant by email (ckomar@scsd.us) or call 435-6000 ext. 5013.
PDC Requisition Entry Training sessions (contact Chris Komar to register for a session)

Computer Workstations Available for Requisition Entry at the Bova Warehouse Office

Computer workstations at the BOVA warehouse office have been set aside for staff to sign-up to use to enter requisitions. A Purchasing Clerk will be available to answer questions that arise during the entry process.
Email or call Deanne Dwyer to schedule a date and time to use one of the workstations. Please coordinate with your Supervisor and Co-workers to select the best times to ensure workflow needs are met and office coverage is maintained. Also, please bring the information with you for the requisitions that need to be entered including proof of pricing and your budget information.

Purchasing Links / Websites

Onondaga County Division of Purchase encourages purchasing from existing contracts whenever possible for cost savings and prompt delivery.  Listed below are approved cooperatives which you may use to find vendors with competitive pricing.
http://www.empirestatebidsystem.com/     UN: SYRACUSECSD PW: SyracuseCSD1!


Additional contracts are available on the Onondaga County Purchasing SharePoint website available when connecting through the District's network at:


UN = adongov\SCSDusr
PW = @Public99

SCSD Intranet:
Purchasing Department information for SCSD staff including forms and procedures is available on the SCSD Intranet.

Requisition Entry Information      

The District now utilizes a paperless requisition entry model to reduce the time between when the need for goods is identified and the goods are received.
Please visit the Purchasing Department on the SCSD Intranet for assistance with requisition entry.

All purchasing should be completed through an authorized purchase order issued to the vendor by the Onondaga County Division of Purchase. Staff outside of the Division of Purchase are not authorized to place orders directly with vendors. If an order is urgent, contact a member of your purchasing team to discuss the situation.

Frequently used BOVA Stock Items:
  • Item #7260 - 8 1/2" x 11" white copy paper (ordered by the case)
  • Item #7261 - 8 1/2" x 11" white 3 hole punched paper (ordered by the case)
  • Item #7262 - 8 1/2" x 14" white copy paper (ordered by the case)
  • Item #3097 - Iron Mountain record storage boxes
  • Item #3078 - Clear packing tape for sealing boxes
Banker boxes for are available for purchase on the W.B. Mason website. 

Who Do I Contact with Purchasing Questions?  

For general purchasing questions, contact the Onondaga County Division of Purchase at SCSDPurchasing@ongov.net or 435-3458

Additional points of contact for specific inquiries, include:

Bidding (RFBs) procedures and status SCSDPurchasing@ongov.net
Supplier registration for bids Register with Onondaga
County Division of Purchase
Request for Proposal (RFP) procedures and status SCSDPurchasing@ongov.net
Equipment repair orders Deanne Dwyer 
Travel requisition assistance Deanne Dwyer 
Driver delivery confirmations and schedules John Daws
Packing materials (boxes, tape, etc.) John Daws
Property Control / BOVA Transfers (assets for disposal/auction, move requests, pick-up requests) John Daws
Requests for tables and/or chairs John Daws