GMS 7th Grade AVID Raising Money for an Orphanage in Uganda

     Published on 4/28/17   Tagged under:    Community Service    Grant Middle School   

Meg Himes' 7th grade AVID class has been following the travels and experiences of a Syracuse University student abroad in Uganda. Shaylah Nichols is currently volunteering at an orphanage called Raising Up Hope for Uganda or RUHU. The children within the orphanage are able to attend school through money that is donated. With Shaylah's help, we have been able to better understand the living conditions and immediate needs for these orphans. We have developed a plan to raise money and help to provide school tuition and supplies to these children in need. Rather than just blindly sending our money across the world without ever really seeing its impact, Shaylah is able to correspond with us in real time and confirm the positive change that Grant is creating.

Students and staff are working together to raise money and pie their teachers. Any and all additional contributions will be sent to an American sponsorship organization called Beautiful Response. Please help the Grant Gators as we strive to make a difference!