Grade 1 Parent Resources

Common Core Standards and Grade Level Information

Parent Road Map:  This roadmap from the Council of the Great City Schools provides guidance to parents about what their child will learn in mathematics and how they can help support their child's learning in Grades 1.

Parent's Backpack Guide to Common Core Learning:  To improve student learning, the new Common Core State Standards are different from the old ones. These changes are called shifts. This chart shows what is shifting, what you might see in your student's backpack and what you can do at home to help your student.


Feedback Form:  The modules and resources are continually being revised and modified.  Please submit any feedback that you would like passed along to New York State's Office of Curriculum.

Other resources

LearnZillion:  This website has short, teacher-created videos that help define and clarify the standards.  You can search by grade and module.